K8N neo platinum malfunctioning intermittantly?

I am using the problem computer now, sometimes it works.

My computer will sometimes boot fine and sometimes not. I had got the blue screen that says NVSTOR.sys as problem, but that has not happened recently when the system does work. Sometimes it will just turn black and nothing wakes the system up so I cant see a screen . SOmetimes my computer will not even boot, nothing. Repeated on/off attempts and still nothing.

My screen where it shows my drives and gives me a chance to enter setup, will usually say, "Warning, system overclocked failed, system default reset", when it does boot this far. Though I have never overclocked the board and have never changed any of the default wattages.

Sometiems after a good load up, when I am in windows my screen will go black. Sounds like everything is working. But I can't really tell. A reboot may work or just go back to what happens in first paragraph, above.

If the unit is not booting at all and nothing is heard, if I turn off power, remove the graphics card and try to boot, I will hear the system give me a series of beeps, indicating its getting power and knows the card is missing. Yet, with the video card in, it wont do anything, no beeps, nothing. (again sometimes and sometimes it will boot all the way) The system has hung in booting process at other points, but very rarely. The computer, when it does work, may run for a long time. Though at some point, the screen will
turn off and not be able to be woken up (this could be after all night or several hours).

So, any ideas, if it is the drivers as talked about here (NVSTOR), a bad motherboard or a bad graphics card.

I have unplugged my other hard drives, SATA cables and power cables (to lessen power load, just in case power supply problem) just left main hardrive connected. I have checked my motherboard, no deformed capacitors. I dont get any graphical glitches, though I have not ran anything intensive for a while. I read the threads on the NVSTOR problem, but these all seemed to be from 2007-08 and were related to drivers that seemed to be fixed (I let Vista update automatically) and I haven't received the BSOD lately. Really can't be too many things, I am figuring motherboard or graphics card due to random blackouts. But could this be from a failed signal from mothorboard to graphics card? Heat problem? (my case has been open the whole time and temps dont register higher than normal)

Built myself: (2years ago(nothing new added) and never had problems until 2-3weeks ago)
MSI K8n motherboard
AMD 4800 dual core processor
8800 gts video card.
vista 32 bit loaded
4gb ram, 2x2gb chips
power supply was adequate (made sure when I built the rig), forgot wattage (650w?) forgot brand
3 harddrives of different sizes hooked up to SATA

Thanks for any help,
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  1. Sounds like you've done a good job of troubleshooting.

    I would lean toward a power problem. The PSU is the cheapest thing to try and also the easiest to return if need be. I'd try a new power supply.

    Things like this in a shop they'd just swap out parts until it worked - but not an option for users.
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