Nvidia to Ati Card (Help please)

Hi there ;)

I have just fitted a hd4770 to a Dell E521.

The Dell had a 7300le fitted, I uninstalled the nvidia driver while the 7300 was fitted. I installed the hd4770 and run the driver (Log showed error) Not sure what it said I stupidly clicked it away before reading it properly.

Anyway card is showing in windows and didplay is perfect etc. On boot up I get 3 nvidia (I presume) error messages

Error loading C:\windows\system32\nvmctray.dll
""" """"" \nvsvc.dll

So I downloaded Nasty File remover, done a scan and deleted all nvidia files.

Messages still appear.

Also the computer jams when trying to load 3dmark05, I was able to run it perfectly before the card change. I thought that maybe it was trying to run with the old settings so I uninstalled that and reinstalled but still it jams up with trying to open 3dmark.

Any help welcome :)
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  1. The preferred way out here would be to use a recent restore point and start again if possible.
    If not: Download and install Driver Sweeper. Downlod the latest drivers from the ATI site. Uninstall your video drivers. Reboot into Safe Mode and run Driver Sweeper BUT check every file it is going to remove, this has been known to remove importaint registy entries, so check everything and deselect any file or entry that looks incorrect. Reboot and remove any leftover ATI/Nvidia folders. Install the new drivers.
    Post back.
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