AM2+ Mobo help (new build)

I am currently in the process of upgrading my current system, and i am at a stand still at the moment. I can not decide what motherboard i should purchase. I have read benchmark after benchmark after review and still am undecided. I am looking for a AM2+ motherboard that is a good overclocker, and preferably with sli support. My primary use for this pc will be a gaming pc. I will be pairing the mother board with a phenom II 940 and 4gbs of 1066 DDR2.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated, and if i forgot to mention anything please let me know i will be more than happy to answer any questions
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  1. Jasondu27 said:
    ....good overclocker, and preferably with sli support.

    There's your problem right there. You can't have both. Nvidia chipsets run hot and are known to be less stable than Intel or AMD chipsets.

    So, get a 790FX board and run crossfire, or a 790GX board if you need something a bit less costly.
  2. Any AM2+ mb with SLI support will have an nVidia chipset . These dont have a great reputation for anything .
    The reason quite simply is that they dont overclock as well and they are not as stable as the AMD chipsets .

    So its worth ignoring SLI

    Get a mb with a 790 series north bridge and a 750 series south bridge . Buy a reputable brand . I prefer gigabyte and ASUS . Asrock is good and budget , and there are some good reviews of the newer Biostar boards on newegg.

    If you must have two gfx cards go crossfire
  3. Well since your primary use is gaming consider the P2X3 720BE if you really tight on $$

    $686.39 after plus shipping less MIR
  4. If you want to pump that much on an AM2+ mobo i'd rather u get a pure AM3/DDR3 set up hehe
  5. It's a good MB, if you are sold on the 940. You would have to upgrade to 955 to use an AM3/DDR3 board.
  6. yeah but the 940 isn't really an overclocker, the 955 is the only amd quad you should get if you want to overclock.
  7. Err u sure 940BE isn't an OCer?
  8. Of course it can overclock, but reports have it that the 955 is much better.

    The AMD 940 can't compete with an OC Intel Q9550, but the AMD 955 can.
  9. well most 940's get to 3.6ghz, 4 if your lucky, whereas most 955 will make it to 4ghz+.
  10. will the 955 work with ? I would have to just flash the bios correct, and the only thing i would be missing out on would be DDR3 and the memory bandwidth from the DDR3 controller on the 955. Reason i ask is i already have 4gbs of DDR2 1066mhz and would have to see it go to waste. Keep the input coming guys :) and thanks for your help so far.
  11. Yes according to
    BIOS 1202 supports P2X4 955BE
  12. Sounds like a plan then.
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