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I have an external seagate hard drive,and when i try to access it says cannot access unformatted,do you want to format it?But it is already formatted,i use it to store wii isos,and it is working onmy wii,please help,for more details visit
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  1. It might be already formatted, but in a different filesystem. Windows uses NTFS and FAT, any other is displayed as unknown type.
    On the link you provided, it says the disk is recognized in one XP system. I would make a backup of the data from that HDD to another one, then I would run a checkdisk using the command:
    chkdsk x: /f/r
    where x: is the drive's letter on that PC. It might have some errors on it. Then, a clean-up followed by a defrag.
  2. Will testdisk fix the problem?
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