How is XFX NVIDIA 9600 1.5GB with this specs

Hi Guyz,
I'm purchasing a custom desktop system. Along with the specs (below) they are offering XFX NVIDIA 9600 1.5GB bundled with Far Cry 2.

Now the question is
1. Can someone please suggest if the card is generally good & ok for this specs &
2. Will it play Crysis smoothly as it is the heaviest in graphic terms.
3.If not can you suggest any another Nvidia Geforce to go along with this specs within the same price range

Will appreciate your help in this matter. Thanx for reading.

My Specs
Intel Core 2 Dua 2.8 Ghz
Intel Original DG-31PR Motherboard
XFX Nvidia Geforce 9600 1.5GB (Bundled with Far Cry 2)
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  1. What resoloution will you be playing in?
    What price range and from where? Prices vary wildly according to supplier and country.
    Really the 9600 is too weak to play Crysis at all but low resoloutions and medium/low details.
    For a better experience look to the 9800GT, 9800GTX, 9800GTX+ or GTS250 (low to high) from Nvidia or HD4830, HD4770 or HD4850 from ATI (again low to high).
    And make sure your new system has enough power.
    Check out the framerates here:
  2. Thanx for your suggestions.
    I've Samsung 2033SN LCD 20" widescreen 1600 x 900.
    Price Range for Graphic Card $140-$180
    I've decided for 600W power supply.
  3. Given the PSU and budget you could go for the GTX260 or 1Gb HD4870, which have very similar performance and are about as fast as you can get for under $180 US.
    The choice is really yours and depends on where you will be shopping. You can find all the cards I have mentioned on Newegg for under your maximum budget but if you intend to mainly play games (just a guess;))I would look to the fastest card you can afford.
  4. @coozie7
    I will go for GTX260 then. Its not mainly for playing games, but will play sometimes. Just thinking of getting something which can play the latest games for atleast few month to come :)

    Thanx. I will will never buy the card for the game. I can get it for free....from my friend ofcourse. :)

    Thanx all for your suggestions.
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