Possible Bios Problem?

I don't even know what category this belongs in as I'm not sure what my problem is.
My PC is custom built and it's been acting strange lately. For one, I keep having to enter the time and date as it keeps telling me the time is wrong (f2 to continue with default settings or del to enter setup). When I do this my screen will sometimes go black after the xp logo, sometimes I wont even get into bios and just get a black screen, and then sometimes it's ok.
This was telling me that my battery was low (post screen said this too) so I replaced the battery but I kept getting the same message. I reset the cmos jumpers but to no avail. The problem started becoming more and more frequent. I thought that maybe it was my video card which I physically unistalled and used the onboard graphics instead. Same thing kept happening. I thought it was a failing hard drive so I used a different one - same result. I Did a repair install with windows xp disc. Didn't work. I formatted the original drive and reinstalled windows. Same thing.
Now I'm lucky if I even get past the bios screen and sometimes I get just a black screen. I keep restarting and 1 out of ten times i might actually get into windows but everything is dead slow and I am getting regular freezes lasting 5 mins or more. At this stage I dont really know what else to do? I think that the fact that i keep having the time and date wrong message points to the cmos which probably points to something much much bigger. Any ideas?
thanks in advance. If you need all my specs I can get them. I just dont remember them offhand as I cant get in to windows to look
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  1. do you have another PSU to test with?
  2. Well i have a couple of older ones lying around but not powerful enough to turn my led's on lol. It's running better now but I still get the 'cmos battery low/ date time not set' every time. I just have to go in and reset every time i boot my pc, which is a pain.
  3. Make sure your jumpers are set properly on the motherboard for BIOS reset, you may have left them in the reset position by mistake. You can try a BIOS update or a new motherboard.
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