Upgrading from a Q6600

What would be a good upgrade form a q6600 i want to get a new i7 system. not sure what parts i can use from the old system.

My system Specs Right Now would be
Q6600 Never over Clocked
4gigs OCZ Sli memory
Rosewill 600Watt Power supply (brand new never used) thought my computer wasnt booting do to lack of poewr.)
Msi sli Mobo

2 160 Sata Harddrives

Case is a Cooler Master 690 I figure i can reuse the Case. and the power supply.

Reason for the upgrade is i cant get my old unit to boot.

Forgot my graphics Card is a 8800GTS 320mb
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  1. You're better off staying with your present system.

    Your system is powerful enough to run any game maxed out.

    Only thing I see you would need to upgrade is the graphics card.
  2. You should first try to see what is wrong with the current PC as upgrading from Q6600 to i7 920 will not be that big of a step in itself. Upgrading the GPU to anything around 150$ would probably double your FPS.
  3. That's the Thing i think i fried either the mobo..or the Cpu its self.. it dosnt boot ive played with it for months. i was thinking of picking up another 320gts. do to the fact u can get them for 30$ now.
  4. The MB could be replaced for a P45 one for ~100$ and the CPU could be changed to a Q9550 for ~220$ (which would be a small upgrade in itself if supported by MB).

    An i7 MB will cost you at least 175$ + 280$ for i7 920 + ~100$ for 6GB DDR3 for a total of ~555$, not that bad actually, but at that point you have a system that won't perform that much over what you have unless you change the video card.
  5. Any card u recommend? off the top of your head? I play alot of Games like AoeIII and call of duty 4.. .. and im a graphic designer so i do a ton of work in photoshop and illustrator . hence why i actually have a Quad, i do a lot of editing..and alot of multi tasking. card has been holding up pretty well i know its on the lower end.. so i am willing to upgrade that if i can get my system up and running again.
  6. What resolution are you playing at, what is the native resolution of your monitor? Up to and including 1680x1050 a single ATI 4850 would probably hold a steady 50FPS even with AA and AF enabled and cost about 100-120$ If you want something with a bit more kick, you can alway get a NVidia GTX 260 core 216 for ~150-175$, a GTX 275 for ~210$ or maybe a 4850x2 for ~225$.
  7. Hey, i Run on a 19in Wide-screen Sync Master 941Bw (Really Nice Screen actually best buy i have ever done..picked it up on clearance). i use a resolution of 1440x900 .. in most games i run with that too(when it allows). fps around 32 -up depending on where I am at.

    Max Resolution 1440 x 900

    Right now im on a Hp touch Smart Laptop.. and you can tell the difference..i love my laptop..but miss my desktop for gaming.
  8. why on earth would u upgrade from q6600 ? at least wait till the new socket comes out, and p55 boards.
  9. if i burned out the processor, i though might as well go i7.. ' ididnt really think it was worth the money to fix..But im willing to fiddle some more.
  10. System is pretty good except for the graphics card. And where can you get those cards for $30 ???? Are you sure you have the board wired right ?
  11. Hey,

    yup one day it just stopped working. bought a new power supply thinking that was the issue..because my system has smoked two in the past. and nothing..i know what it is.. i just have no way of testing if i am correct or not.
  12. You can get either a motherboard or a processor for $50 you know. That should tell you either way.
  13. @sshole site won't let me edit my own message....... EDIT... I'll catch a lot of flack for this but from experiences the 775 processors are the weakest links in these systems.
  14. flack is right and you are wrong to an extent..... And right considering the i7
  15. Hey Rock is you processor retail? Retail processors hae a 3 year warranty and it would probably still be under warranty. I have the same processor B3 stepping and my system is only 2 years old. Also most MB have LED lights on them so it makes it easy to see if the MB is getting power. You could also try swap components with another 775 board if you can borrow one. Good luck.
  16. The Power supply is good i know that. i tried it out in another system.. Ya' ill look around for a cheap mobo.. although i didn't even think about warranty.. i could see if my cpu is still under warranty i got the orginal box and stuff.
  17. My rma with Intel took about 6 days; they cross shipped the cpu.
  18. Nah it more than likely the board replace it and if you still probs then RMA that processor
  19. I would say motherboard. Nforce and MSI, not a very good combination. Get yourself a nice Gigabyte P45 board. Q6600's are damn near indestructible so I highly doubt that went bad. Your graphics card could use an update. I would say a 4870 or 4890 1gb would make a great upgrade. That or maybe a GTX 275. I would try overclocking a bit. You can do about 3.0-3.2ghz with stock cooler and be safely within thermal limits. Though if getting a new board, I would get a new CPU cooler as well. Xigmateck Dark Knight is pretty good.
  20. I would get a new motherboard, keep the Q6600 and overclock it and get the EVGA 275 video card. Its comparable to having 3 8800GTX's in tri-sli.

    Lose the rosewill psu (if thats what you have). I like rosewill products just not the power supplies. Get a good Corsair or PC Power & Cooling. Since you are a graphics designer it might benefit you to get the 1792mb version instead of the 896mb although I'm pretty sure either would do you well..
  21. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182088
    The link here is my Power supply. i use to run on a cooler master until l i smoked it. it had good reviews.

    the Radeon Graphic Cards are more in my price range..than the EVGA 275 .
    But the Evga275 looks like a better buy.

    Ya i was looking around at aftermath fans when it my system started to fall apart.
    This is the one i was looking at before..seemed to have great reviews.
  22. At 1440 x 900, a single 4850 would probably be enough, if you want more I might tend to go more for the GTX260 core 216, nearly same price as the 4870 and on average a bit better (EVGA OCed).
  23. Rock2292 said:
    The EVGA one is actually 10$ less after MIR, you get free shipping (for now) and is factory OCed. If you can get a good price on some 4870 it would also be a good option, the ATI cards tend to hold their ground better with DirectX 10 and when AA and AF are enabled.
  24. Interesting stuff I did not know that about the Ati Cards. i always played by the rule Ati wit Amd... Nvidia Chips wit Intel... But ill keep those cards in mind definitely. It will probably be a toss up between those two in the very end.. Right now i am trying to get a hold of a mobo..so i know what I am actually dealing with. I found the box my Prosessor is still under warranty so thats good.. to know.. my mobo.. i bought open boxed. so im not sure if thats still under warranty or not.
  25. For the GPU/CPU mix, it used to be that way because NVidia chipsets used to be the best for Intel, but ever since P35/X38 Intel chipsets got the upper hand and they support Crossfire (ATI's version of SLI). Only since X58 (i7) did the Intel chipset start supporting SLI and I'm not sure all boards do.
  26. Intresting.. ill keep that in mind.
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