Need help buying a Quadro FX card for video editing!

Hi guys, I need some help to get a workstation graphic card. The applications that I work with are Adobe Premiere CS4 and Adobe After Effects CS4, sometimes Sony Vegas. Most of my projects are video editing and creating intro with Adobe after effects. These are not big big projects for big companies but still take sometime to render and preview. So Im looking at one of those Quadro FX from nvidia but I can't figure out which one is the right ballpark for me.

I know the Quadro CX card is built for Adobe CS4 apps but that card is just too expensive and overkilled for me. I dont really need that much power since most of my projects are decent, not very big but not small. I know they also have other ones such as Quadro FX 3700, 3800 and FX 580 (entry level). Im not sure if i get the FX 580 will actually boost the performance for realtime preview since it's a fairly cheap card.

My current system that Im using is

Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 3.2ghz

I know that's a gaming card that is why Im looking for a professional card to work with video editing projects. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Save and use your gaming card. The difference is technical support and drivers only.

    Workstation Graphics Cards and their Mainstream Equivalents Quadro,2258.html
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