Ok mistake on me, what is better 4870x2 or 2 9800gx2 running together?

Yesterday i posted asking if people thought if a 9800gt dual was better then one 4870x2. I was mistaken and dell sent me 2 9800 gx2 with the cross fire and was wondering if people think they would be better then running a 4870x2 ? Thanks for the help i got yesterday :)
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  1. Google it.

    And when you run two nvidia cards together you are running SLI...two ati cards is Crossfire also known as Xfire....you motherboard should only support sli or xfire unless you are running some X58 behemoth...and than you can run whatever two cards you want....
  2. Im using the new xps730x. Not sure about the mother board but its supposed to run with the crossfire they were supposed to have sent me but hey thats dell always forgetting a part or 2?
  3. ahh so he does have an i7 system..i was wondering why they gave him the option of nvidia and ati sli/xfire....he has one of those new fangled sli and crossfire supporting boards right?...if im wrong then dell support had no idea the difference between sli and crossfire...
  4. Yes i have the i7 system, so i guess the question is ? Is the 4870x2 better at performing or would dual 9800gx2 out perform the 4870 ?
  5. Two 9800GX2 is waste. Better have a single GTX295.
  6. how ever i may agree that is not an option for me since dell gave me these cards ??
  7. 1 9800GX2 = 2x9800GTs OCed
    1 GTX295 = 2xGTX260s OCed

    2x9800GX2 is better than 1 GTX295, but it consumes far too much power and is far less efficient.
  8. So is what you are saying is 2x9800gx2 is better one 4870x2 ?
  9. ^ by just a bit, but it will consume about 1.75x the power.
  10. hmmm
  11. With the 4870X2 you get DirectX 10.1 support!
    And you don't have to deal with the horrible scaling problems from Quad SLI *cringes*
  12. The 4870x2 will give you a more consistant framerate.
  13. Thanks for everyones input
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