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I'm planning on building a new sff build for LAN parties, most of the compoents i already had in my posession; ram, mb (from an old hp build), corsair hx620, radeon 4850, wd 160gb caviar. the only part i'm hung on is which cpu go get, the mb is an am2+ board but it only supports first gen phenoms and am2 athlon x2's. i'm looking for price/performance and i don't know if i should get a high end dual core or a low/midrange triple core? the 77XX series of dual core and the new phenom II's aren't compatible btw so those are out of the question.
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  1. Well, you got all these mid ranged parts and a low end motherboard, why not get a cpu + motherboard Combo...

    Whats your budget?

  2. Just remove hardware u have hehe
  3. Batuchka, if he already had the hx620, the 4850, ram, case. why would you build a new pc??

    just about every thread i see, your posting a new rig when it's not needed.

    only thing he needs is a cpu + motherboard combo and if the case he has is an oldy, then look at getting one of those. The parts you have now O.P. are fine.
  4. Guess u didn't read the part about removing any hardware OP has on hand this and my other threads hehe
  5. the board isn't too bad ( i was mainly just wanting some advice on the cpu, and case i plan on using is here too:
  6. o yea thnx in advance for the help!
  7. Its so cute ^_^ Awe...
  8. Theres no need to remove his hardware he already has, the parts u suggested are not even worth buying, that would be like buying the same stuff over again..

    that case is very small... 10" by 8" by 15"???

    The rc-690 is priced almost the same for alot more airflow and room, you wont get airflow for crap with that case you have picked.
  9. Only thing i see changing is a bigger HDD.

    Bigger/more reliable/more airflow case ( as suggested and recommended ).

    gettings a cpu + motherboard combo.

    But, i still dont know your budget.
  10. You know you want that case fullmetall!! Can't resist its cuteness...
  11. Fullmetal: does a CM 690 sound/look like a SFF casing to you?
    FYI: SFF = Small Form Factor in case you didn't know Read the title. Also i have done several SG-02F rigs and the detachable bar for 2 x 80mm fans are strategically placed above the GPU area and with neat cable management and modular PSU it anything but crap unlike your gross ignorance of what an SFF build looks like or the hardware involved lol The worst part is OP specifically pointed to that same casing *slaps forehead*
  12. I believe the 6-pin connectors for the 4850's are in the front of the card as opposed to the top. That would kind of hinder it getting into that case easily, unless there is an extra inch or 2 in the case to connect the card....or the connector is on the top.
  13. Aha but done one up before :P Here is my DIY project log of SG-02Fs rigs i dubbed Fatcat rigs on VR Zone. I have done up anything from IGP to GTX 260 and luckily i logged a rig for a client with HD 4850 on a 780G board :P
  14. Oh, pretty cool. I wasnt' sure if it would fit, but it does ^_^
  15. As to not knowing that ssf was a type of tower, you have my apologies bat.

    ssf sounded like a freakin game to me. Still new to somethings but, im starting to learn most things as to getting my A+ soon.
  16. Well it is a small but a growing market segment i feel Most of my clients are normal working joes just wanting a nice looking small rig to highlight their living rooms parked beside there LCD TVs Others specifically want a portable small casing with a discrete inside to go LAN partying hehe
  17. well as far as budget goes i'm looking to spend about $100-200, ya "big spender" i know lol
  18. that cm case does look pretty sweet surprised i never noticed it!
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