New Graphics Card - Driver Won't Install - HELP! =(

Just purchased a Sweex Nvidia Geforece Fx5500 256mb Agp 8x card - good times. But when I try to install the driver for it, the error message "driver is not intended for this platform" pops up, after it's tried installing the driver.

It's nothing to do with bios settings, or my motherboard, or system specs (other than me being on a 300watt psu, not 350 - but the voltage is ok, and it's kind of irrelevant anyway with reagrd to installation)

Any ideas please?
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  1. Wouldnt be surprised if its down to the drivers not suporting the card anymore, Thats not exactly a new card if its the card im thinking of, im not that up to date with nvidia cards. ATI recently dropped suport for a lot of newer cards so it would make sense that nvidia do something similar.
    Try looking up older driver builds or you could try downloading a set of Omega drivers.
    Just type Omega into a search engine and it should come up.

  2. @ ronbean666: Mactronix is right, if you are using newer drivers that is most likely to be the problem, although it could also be caused by a bad install CD or you might be trying to install the wrong drivers for your version of Windows.
    Nvidia have archived their older drivers here:
  3. You don't say what OS your using... anyway, Did you try these???

    For Win XP:

    For Win XP 64bit:

    For Vista 32bit:

    For Vista 64bit: NOT AVAILABLE.....
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