Help With Booting My Computer

I start my computer and get to a screen that says

Verifying DMI Pool Data.....
AMD Data Change...Update New Data to DMI! Update Success

Then I get nothing. Help Please
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  1. Has this jsut started happening or is this a new rig? First time its been booted up? Can you give me your system specs? HD IDE or Sata? This ussualy deals with the Hard drive

    Few things I can think of off the top of my head:

    Ur hard drive settings are not correct.
    Booting off wrong device
    BIOS corruption.
    Connections loose or disconnected.
    Possibly the hard drive is bad?
  2. its all new build. I started it last night and no problem. I went to turn it on today to install the OS and this happened.

    Running gigabyte ma770-UD3 mobo
    Western Digital HD 320 gig
    AMD Phenom x4
  3. Check your boot order.
  4. Try using the Clear CMOS jumper to remove the corrupted CMOS data, then reboot into CMOS and use the 'Factory Default' setting before customising.

    Ensure that your hard drives are properly connected and configured.
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