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Hello all,

Would like some advice, would be very happy if you could help me.

I have recently got a bigger PSU 800watts ready for my SLi system (2x 8800GTS 640MB). I installed it all on my P5N-E SLi motherboard, but have major heat issues with the system. My current motherboard idle temperature is showing at 54oC on PC Probe. It went to 60oC when I went into a game that I like to play.

Im wondering wether it may be something to do with the case im using and poor airflow to the 2 gfx cards as they are fairly close together? Im currently using a Thermaltake Tsunami case which I purchased almost 3 years ago. Would like to hear you're advice.

I also purchased an additional 2 fans (a 8cm hiper fan and a 'Spot Cool' Antec fan, currently above my 2 gfx cards.

Thanks a lot,

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  1. That temp is ok. You shouldn't worry about it that much.
  2. Its still causing me FPS spikes in game and stuterring a lot!
  3. You could also take the side panel off and place a house fan to blow directly into the case while you are playing. If you still have problems after that, then it is not caused by heat.
  4. Do you know for sure that its the mother board thats causing the problems? Try reinstalling video drivers, ect. Why not put a fan on the north bridge heatsink (i'm assuming thats the suspected over heating part?)
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