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OK today i heard my fan kick up pretty loud while I was playing one of my games. I decided to alt tab out and see what the temperature was because i have my fan speed set at 70% and it increased to %100. When i opened it up i had a temperature of 110 Degrees C. That is off the charts, i have never had heat issues with my card until i tried updating the drivers 2 days ago. Can you help me figure out a solution. I'm afraid if i keep gaming at those temps the card will just melt.


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My case is a Antec 900 with all fans turned to HI.
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  1. one note is that the games are running fine, actually grate at really hi frame rates, could it be a bad sensor or bad readout
  2. Have you enabled the BIOS settings that alert you of unusually high CPU temps?
  3. yes and my CPU is running cool and fine its my GPU
  4. Do you have a 4850 with a single slot cooler or dual slot?
  5. single, but before i installed the new drivers my idle temp was at aroun d 39-37 C now my idle is 59 C
  6. The singles have a tendency to run at very high temperatures, which is why so many of the manufacturers make non-reference dual slot designs now.
    Make sure the card isn't clogged up with dust btw.
  7. And also make sure overdrive hasn't gone crazy and overclocked your card on its own.
  8. yeah i should check for dust bc my case right now is very dusty
  9. Clean the dust off, and see if things change. If not, try going back to your older drivers, and see if that brings your old temps back.
  10. If you have your fans set to auto then this is normal. I run 2x visiontek 4850's, single slot design. If I leave the fans on auto then start a game the fans dont ramp up until the temps go over 100 degrees. Then they ramp up in short bursts to dissipate the heat and slow back down as soon as it drops again. Set the fan speed manually, try around 65% and see if this keeps the card cool. My cards have done this since one of the 8.xx driver releases that enabled automatic fan control. The cards are designed to take the heat but personally i like to try to keep my cards below the 90's.
  11. well i bought a 4850 with the reference single slot cooler right when the 4850s came out, and my 4850 runs crazy hot as well...i HAVE to manually set the fan speed to 100% (which makes the computer sound like a jet engine) in order for me to play any game thats stressful on the gpu and keep the card from overheating and shutting down my pc...its really annoying, but i did find that once you clean out the dust from the card a little bit, the temps WILL decrease (for me, they decrease about 8C)...i desperately need to buy an aftermarket gpu cooler, but theres no cheap gpu cooler out there that will fit the 4850 (you will have to spend at least $40...which is effing lame)
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