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Hello !!!

Hi everyone am a new to this forum. Been reading lots on this forum as i have built my own pc in the last 3 week. I think this forum is really good hence i have joined.

I would like your opinion on the rig i have built as its my first build. I use it for watching movies, tv series, adobe suite i use are photoshop,ai,dreamweaver and bridge.

The spec is as follows :

Asus crosshair iv formula motherboard.
amd 1090t black edition cpu.
noctua-dh14 cpu cooler.
corsair 2x2 gig ram
evga gforce gtx 460 graphics card ( thought i bought ati lol does it matter ?)
novatec atx 600watts psu
coolmaster 430 elite case
3 case fan.

Now i would like to clock it to run around 4.2 or higher but stable when am playing a game. The motherboard comes with turbo evo software which has clocked it to 4.0 but when am playing the game it almost feels like the frame rate is not fast enough as am new i don't really want to do anything as am not sure your advice would be greatly appreciated.
As i have noticed on this forum and most i have read ! Everyone do overclocking in the bios am a bit scared to do this as i dont want to harm anything :??:

Thank you for the help :)
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    Hi and welcome to Tom's forum, of us is a placer have you here as a member.

    The 1st thing that you need know about overclocking is that isn't good use overclocking software, always try to do overclock using the BIOS.

    Go to your BIOS and disable this options:

    1- Cool'n'Quite
    2- C1E
    3- Turbo Core
    4- Speed Spectrum

    If you do things right, with safe settings your hardware are safe. Take a look of the 4ryan6's guide about overclockin:

    If you have another questions, come back here and I will help you. ;)

    P.D. Don't forget read the rules of Tom's.
  2. I think that 4.2 Gigs is pushing it a bit far, in my experience AMD processors do not like being overclocked that much. I don’t think that the increase in processor speed will have any effect in your gamming frame rate Instead consider overclocking the graphics card or getting a faster one.
  3. Hi and thank you for your reply, I went into bios and I could disable 1,2,3 but not sure
    About 4. I l
  4. Sorry, wrong key.

    It's "PCI-E Spread Spectrum"
  5. hi sorry hit the wrong key there, i was saying i am not sure about no.4 on saint19 reply.
    cant see anything with spread spectrum on all i see is frequency. Had a look in the manual and i see a cpu spread spectrum and pcie spread spectrum and am guessing i have to disable the cpu spread spectrum !! am i right ?

    Sorry am a novice at this but am hoping to learn to clock from the bios. The turbo evo software has clocked it to 4.0 and 4.1. I tried to run amd over drive stability test for 15 min but it gave a blue screen and crashed. :-(

    If i leave turbo evo on then it runs at 3.7. What are your thought on epu which seems to work lol ?

    Replying to pjmelect again thank you for your reply. am happy if i can get a stable 4.0 lol
    i dont reli know how to over clock the graphics card either lol
    the one i have is a evga geforce gtx 460. I was meant to buy a ati to go with amd but ended up with nvidia ooops. It came with evga precision software, i havnt reli played with it.

    thank you for the reply look forward to hear from you. -:)
  6. saint19 said:
    Sorry, wrong key.

    It's "PCI-E Spread Spectrum"

    o ok kool, on the manual it says PCI-E spread spectrum when disabled it enhances the overclocking ability

    also the cpu spread spectrum says when disabled enhances the cpu over clocking ability. !!!
  7. Yeah, something that overclocking software don't disable. Those help to overall system stability.
  8. Mmm ok the manual compared to the actual bois is confusing. It says spread spectrum on the manual yet it's all frequency on in the bios lol 

    So once I have disable this 4 then what do I do ? 
  9. Take a look of the 4ryan6's guide that I post in my 1st reply. There you can find the 1st steps for overclock your CPU, since your CPU is BE you only need play with multiplier for now.

    Take a look of the guide and let me know how's going all.
  10. saint19 said:
    Take a look of the 4ryan6's guide that I post in my 1st reply. There you can find the 1st steps for overclock your CPU, since your CPU is BE you only need play with multiplier for now.

    Take a look of the guide and let me know how's going all.

    Hi how you doing ? I have read 4ryan6's guide wow !! lots reading to do. I have done some oc and it boots up ok at 3.9. Been playing crysis and seems fine.
    I havn't done any stress testing on it tho! this is what i have done.

    cpu ratio. 17.0
    Amd turbo Core technology =disabled
    cpu bus frequency is 232
    dram frequency is 1237mhz
    cpu spread spectrum is off
    pcies spread spectrum is off
    cool and quite is off
    c1e is off

    the problem is it wont restart i have to hit the reset button to restart it. any ideas of why ? i havent touched anything else.

    thank you for your help.
  11. well.

    I don't know why are you using he FSB for overclock if you have a BE CPU. The restart problem could be related to the overclock settings.
  12. Sorry got it all wrong :( didnt turn of the oc button on the motherboard thats why its running at 3.9.

    now i have turned it off and this is how it is in the bios.

    cpu ration = 19.0 =3.8mhz
    amd turbo core is disabled
    cpu spread spectrum is disabled
    pcie spread spectrum is disabled
    cool and quite is disabled
    c1e support is disabled

    cpu bus frequency =200
    pcie frequency is 100 i have not altered these just the cpu ratio. am going to play crysis to see if it crashes. should i do anything else before saying its stable at 3.8 and put the cpu ratio up ?
  13. Yeah, run some stress test program like y-cruncher, prime95, LinX or OCCT for 12+ hours or more.
  14. Hi after running prime95 for few hours it seem fine temp is good around 31c. Played on it for awhile and it played ok but still have probs restarting and shutting down.
    I have to Physically reset it and when I shut down the fans keeps going even the CPU fan. Now it has Asus epu am wondering if that's causing this ?

    Any ideas would be great ?

    Thank you
  15. I think that you have RAM problems
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