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can anyone help me with locked bios on msi x58 platinum coz all am getting are simple settings and no sell menu
thank you
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    There are screen shots of what your BIOS options SHOULD look like. Sure you got the right board bro?
  2. that's my board but BIOS looks only sort of the same. mine has a lot less options.i don't have a CELL MENU,USER SETTING,M-FLUSH and many more....
    i bought my pc from Medion-pc coz of that board and i7
    now they say there's nothing i can do.MSI say they don't identify the board and AMI say i have to go to my system builder or motherboard maker.
    on top of that non of them can provide me with manual for v2.0...i think some pins and switches are missing like power button,reset and oc button
    can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!i need bios,the idea how to flush or unlock,and where to look for switches so i can solder them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'll be thankful till grave........

    Version EVEREST v4.60.1639 Beta
    Benchmark Module

    Motherboard Properties:

    Manufacturer MEDIONPC
    Product MS-7522
    Version 2.0
    Motherboard ID 66-2776-009999-00101111-111708-TYLSBURG$1AEGH003_A7522MLN.103 11/17/2008 18:52:34 MEDIONPC LN
    Motherboard Name MSI X58 Platinum (MS-7522)

    BIOS Properties:

    Vendor American Megatrends Inc.
    Version A7522MLN.103
    Release Date 11/17/2008
    Size 4096 KB
  3. I know of a site that has unlocked a bios for me and done other related things to bios.
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