~$1,100 i7 Build - Help Needed

Guys, I'm in HK and about to build my new rig. Budget is about $1,100 excluding monitor. Your advises are highly appreciated. Since there is not much room under my desk, I can only fit everything in a mid-sized case (like Cooler Master Elite 335 with size of (W)185 x (H)413 x (L)486mm; http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?category_id=19&product_id=2817)

With that kind of chasis size, what CPU cooler and PSU would you recommend? I generally want a quieter system and probably would not do much OC given the airflow under my desk is not very good.

Below are my initial setup:

Intel Core i7 920 (2.66G/8M L3/QPI /4.8GT/s /LGA1366)                   
P6T (X58/ICH10R/10P/8HD/DDR3)                                                
OCZ Platinum CL7-7-7-24[1.65v](D3-1600) 2GBx3       
Inno3D iChill GTX275 AC PCI-E 896MB DDR3                                      
WD 640GB 6401AALS SATA II/32MB HDD                                         
LG GH-22NS30 22X SMulti DVD Writer SATA                                      
COOLER MASTER Elite 335 Chasis
Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU Cooling Fan             

Thanks very much ineed for your help!!!
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  1. I would go with a Zalman 9700 CNPS or better ^_^ Arcitic Cooler Freezer Pro is good too. But the question is how high are you willing to OC? I know you didn't mention OC, but seeing as you need a CPU cooler...i am assuming you want to do that.

    Everything else looks fine to me tho...

    By the way...what operating system are you going to use?
  2. I'd up the psu to a 650tx for the same price.

    Whats HK? cause if its possible, the 920 and asus p6t is in a combo on newegg.

    Also, Coolermaster rc-690 case and a s1283v heatsink + arctic silver 5 thermal compound will do the job.
  3. Super thermal grease works wonders too...they are pretty much the same but the Zalman super thermal is less thicker...
  4. Thanks very much guys!!
    HK = Hong Kong. There probably is a combo as well.
    My situation is the room underneath my desk is not big enough to fit in a case like Coolermaster rc-690, Elite 335's size would be a perfect fit.
    With that chasis size limit, do you think I can fit in everything you guys mentioned?

    I probably would not do much OC as I fear the bad airflow under my desk would cause high temp. If no OC, do I still need an additional CPU cooler?

    Thanks again for the replies!!
  5. For the operating system, I probably will go with the new Windows 7. Is it a good idea?
  6. Yea, but just remember the BETA ends August 1st, 2009 and the RC 1 ends March 1st, 2010.

    I will honestly tell you that i am already in love with the RC 1...awesome build and works wonders... I still have Vista Ultimate to fall back on if anything goes wrong and backed up all my files when everything was loaded ^_^
  7. I still need to get a new Core i7 build like everyone else is... i already have the money to do it but i'm going to wait until the end of 09 or so...:(
  8. That's not a bad idea. The longer you are willing to wait the cheaper the price would be. probably by the end of 09 with $1,100 you can have a i7 975 system
  9. ^yeah and the win7 RC starts shutting down every two hours from a few months before the expiry date.
  10. Btw, since Fullmetall suggested a 650w PSU, do you guys think this one is good?

    Antec EA650 (650W/PCI-E 6+8pins) ATX PowerSupply


    GTR/iCute 650W 80PLUS/PCI-E PowerSupply AP-650A ?

    They are of the same price in Hong Kong but I'm not sure which one runs quieter. I just want less noise.

    Thanks again guys!!
  11. I highly doubt i will get the Core i7 975...mainly because it probably won't 5GHz with an easy OC. 4GHz can be reached easy with the 920 already...

    What i'm really waiting for is to see how the X58 mobos will evolve and how much more DDR3 will expand. The Gulfttown CPU will have 6 cores/12 threads (WoWz)...I won't run lees than DDR3 2000 for my rig...
  12. Antec probably...
  13. Perfect. Thanks a lot guys!!
  14. If you live by a micro center you can pick up your processor for 229$ saving you so cash. Microcenter.com, the order is in store pickup only.

  15. Sorry, one last question, for the cooler, is this Dark Knight one good?


    Probably dont wanna spend more than $40 on a cooler....
  16. I'm afraid I'm in Hong Kong. So it probably wont work...

    nickhoff said:
    If you live by a micro center you can pick up your processor for 229$ saving you so cash. Microcenter.com, the order is in store pickup only.

  17. The air duct thing would need to be taken off immediatly in that case, it will not fit with that on, you would need a small zalman just to get anything to fit.

    Does the computer really need to go under the desk?? with the price of the rc-690 man, good airflow..
  18. I'm afraid so as I do want to keep the desktop clean & neat..Will go with the Zalman one in this case. thanks a million for the advices!!
  19. Let us know how it works ^_^
  20. Also, ur trying to put that card in the case, im not sure if it will fit aswell. that card is about the same length as a gtx 285. I was barely able to fit my gtx 285 in my rc-590. So hopefully it will fit in that..
  21. Fingers crossed....
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