Choosing new hdd's gives me an headache

Hi there, and sorry for the bad Englisch ( I'm Dutch hehe )

I'm looking to upgrade my system, but i'm having a verry hard time deciding wich hdd's to get. I am using the Areca 1220 raid controller, and would like to run raid 5, as i have always done.
Now i'm lokking for aprox. 6 hdd's from 1tb to do that job. I am on a tight budget, so there's not much room left.

My initial thoughts were the folowing:

6 x Samsung Spinpoint F3

Fast disks, cheap.
But there seem to be some problems occuring with the F3 and Areca sometimes. DOA disks, or disks that die in weeks. And have CCTL ( TLER from Samsung )

Then i was looking at either:
5 x WD Blue 1tb or 4 x WD Black 1tb. But these seem to be not supported for raid 5 due to TLER wich can cause disk failures. The WD Raid editions are just to expensive for my purposes.

Anothe option is the Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C There is not much inof on these drives, so i don't know if they wil do the job good.

I am using external hdd's for back-up.
My system is being used for fotography mostly, running around 8hrs each day. My OS and CoD are going on and OCZ Vertex2 SSD.

Who can help me out please.
I realy can't procces all the info. I just want to put in new hdd's put it all in RAID 5 on the areca and work, without hdd's dropping out every 2 weeks beacuse of Firmware isues when drives refuse to work in RAID 5.

Anny help or advise is welcome, i'm going grey just thinking about it :pt1cable:
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  1. Nobody who has a clue?
  2. Hey Shaggy

    Im needing the same info, but im running Vista w/ a (Highpoint 2320)
    I was also thinking of the Samsung F4 2TB HD204UI drives. But I keep seeing
    something about a 4K rule that is some sort of problem. I hope someone chimes
    in here and helps us out.
  3. After some advise i went with the Hitachi's. It seems that with the latest firmware the Areca can handle the disks ok, but to be on the safe side i can also put 3EA frmware on the Hitachi's to eliminata all possible problems.

    So, i'm witing till all arrives here, and start testing :)
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