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Hello.I'm using Windows 7 32 bit at the moment.I want to upgrade to 64 bit,and I intend to do it by adding a new HDD.I'm thinking of dividing my current HDD to two,seperating the files I want to save from Windows drive and formatting.Than install 64 bit one to the new HDD and adding the old one as a secondary drive.

However,would the programs I had installed before function properly?Also,would the old HDD still work in case of a motheboard replacement as well?

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  1. Hey Anroin,

    Regarding your question about the programs from the Windows 32-bit install, it may or may not work when you are using the newly installed Windows 64-bit. This depends on what kinds of programs are installed. Also, if you did a motherboard replacement, as long as there isn't any compatibility issues with the OS installed or hard drive, there shouldn't be any issues in most cases with running the older OS install.

    Hope this helps a little with your question!
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