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Good Day, I'm trying to install XP on a Toshiba HD in a toshiba laptop, I put the xp disk in the rom and instructed it to install xp on the 100 gig partition, it formatted with NTFS and went to installing the OS. On the first boot it comes up with no operation system. It bypassed the fresh loaded HD like it wants to start over. I reseated the drive and checked the bios and the drive is seen there. Why in the world can't it see what it has started loading. Thanks
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  1. Do you know if you have an SATA drive? If you do, to install xp you need AHCI drivers or put your drives in compatibility (ide) mode (this can be done through bios). You can slipstream the drivers on to an xp disk with nlite (look it up on google) if you really must have ahci, or use a usb floppy drive :D. Look for AHCI drivers are Toshiba website, and see how that goes, or the much easier path would just to put it into ide mode if you're lazy Dx.
  2. Not lazy, but the bios is very limited. There is no ide mode in the bios. I will try to load the AHCI drivers on a floppy and use a USB floppy drive to pre load at F6. I will let you know what happened later. Thanks for a great reply.
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