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I'm looking to get my hands on a NAS soon... right now the #1 candidate is one of the Synology DS211 line (DS211 or DS211+), but was hoping you guys might have some other suggestions, or perhaps a better one?

Additionally, what kind of performance impact within the DS211 line is there with the 211j having less memory and a slower processor compared to each step up in the line? Would I be just as well off with the 211j vs the 211/211+?

It seems that the only difference between the 211j and 211 are the memory and processor, but the 211+ has additional features that I've had difficulty narrowing down exactly what they are?

The NAS will regularly be streaming content to a very small gigabit LAN (<5 hosts), I'd like it to have a built in FTP server so that I can remotely administer and access the files held on it, and that's the biggest feature I'd desire.

EXT4 file system support would be ideal with a 2 bay enclosure (RAID isn't necessary).

Built-in BitTorrent and RSS support would be nice, but I'm unfamiliar with the quality of the implementation on these NAS devices and ultimately it may end up being a useless feature.

As far as price point goes, somewhere around that 200-300 dollar mark would be ideal.
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  1. I helped a friend of mine install a Netgear ReadyNAS duo. 2 drive bays (1, 1tb drive) $250 and I believe it has all the features you want. The Ipod streaming server was neat too. He loves it. I don't remember FTP access, but you can definitely access the files via HTTP and set up security groups.

    I have had mixed experiences with WD NAS boxes (I love their drives though).
  2. Thanks, I'll add that model to my (now) list of possibilities... it's got faster memory than the Synology and a pretty similar feature set that I've been able to compare so far.
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