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DWL 520 and Windows 7... help me!

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December 24, 2009 4:20:16 PM


So I installed windows 7 last night. Everything went fine, it looks and feels great. I am really pleased with it. The only problem is that it is not picking up my wireless card. My card is a D link DWL 520, and I have been looking for solutions all morning. So I am finally turning to Toms Hardware. So please, I am running a Windows Ultimate 64 bit. Any help would be great!


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December 24, 2009 5:03:57 PM

I believe.... I remember reading it was a Texas Instrument? If that helps, I remember catching a glance at that earlier.

Oh and that website with the one that claims it works for Windows 7, I have been waiting for about and hour now to get the file in my email. I tried an alt email just in case and I am still waiting. hmmm...
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December 24, 2009 11:16:47 PM

Hmm... I'd forget that site then, I've never used it.

Have you tried ? I've used them in the past, perhaps on of the drivers there will work for you. There is a bunch of signing up to do, but all the driver download sites do that. I just know that Driverguide is more legit.

I went to T.I. and D-link support forums, and I was unable to find anything on your card and win 7. It may be time to let go =(
December 25, 2009 1:31:26 AM

Its all good anyways. I got a different wireless card that got picked up right away. Thanks anyways man.
January 14, 2010 2:47:51 PM


I had the exact same problem, but....I solved it! Albeit quite painfully!

D-Link DWL G520 (rev. B)

Note: DO NOT install wireless card in PCI slot until AFTER installing the D-LINK software and drivers (per the included instructions). If you have already done so and had problems you will need to uninstall the D-Link software and pull the card from the slot and when you reinstall the card put it into a different PCI slot this time. I actually did a clean reinstall of windows to get all the D-Link stuff off my machine first and then started fresh and used a different PCI slot.

1. Obtain the Vista x64 driver from the D-Link website (

should be version: 20081210 posted on 7/9/2009

2. Copy all the files from the old install CD into a folder on your desktop

3. Find the folder that includes the driver files and replace the files with the new driver files for Vista 64 (should be 3 files)

4. Eject the setup disk, Run the autorun program (included on the CD) from the new folder and install the drivers. (This will also install D-Link utilities on your computer which will not work due to compatibility issues-doesn't matter though because you do not need the D-Link software anyway, just leave it on your machine though).

5. Physically install card into PCI slot (of course AFTER turning off machine and de-powering the motherboard!)

6. After Windows starts, navigate to the device manager, right click on the wireless card adapter and choose "uninstall"

7. Now, while still in the device manager, under network adapters, right click and choose "scan for hardware changes"

= Viola! it should now detect your wireless card and it will be correctly installed (DO NOT attempt to "update driver" as this does not work).---DO NOT RESTART WINDOWS YET---

8. After connecting to the internet for the first time, there should be an optional atheros chip update for your wireless card in windows update, install it.

9. Now for the catch, my whole problem was that after installing the card unsuccessfully previously, windows would hand on startup, so.... the workaround here is to disable the wireless card in the device manager BEFORE restarting windows, then each use session you should reenable the device (kind of a pain, but otherwise windows will hang at startup until you remove the card from the slot and repeat the whole process with a new PCI slot!)

10. I HAVE NOT verified whether the update fixes the problem, I have been too scared to restart without disabling the wireless card first! I am waiting for a definitive user experience on this note before restarting the lazy way!

Also, I don't know if the new downloaded driver is necessary or not, it could be that the updated driver is included in Windows and that after installing the d-link software from the CD (with old drivers) you can follow the rest of the instructions to insert the card and then the uninstall, reinstall (in device manager) is the real trick.

Windows 7 lists this device as compatible, certainly it is because it works for me, but the startup is the challenge.

Good luck!
January 16, 2010 9:14:45 PM

I also got it working on windows 7 64 bit, but also had the freezing every startup problem, unless disabling it in device manager. I found that impossible to live with ;)  So I found a dirt cheap TP-link tl-wn651g that I am using instead (but with vista64 drivers, that work better than the ones installed by windows).
March 30, 2010 10:51:42 AM

pantherjad said:

I had the exact same problem, but....I solved it! Albeit quite painfully!

D-Link DWL G520 (rev. B)

OK so i'v had this same problem for 3days now iv been batlling it out, i managed to use the card in safe mode with networking. all was ok except ofcourse you cant install or run everything in that mode... in normal mode the PC just freezes, i uninstalled everything to do with the Dlink card, restarted, used the other PCI slot.. and still same issue, i've run out of PCI slots!! :lol:  only have two on my VIA P4M800 mobo...

isnt there a windows update to fix this? im running windows XP pro service pack 3 :fou:  this is really frustrating
May 12, 2010 6:49:14 AM

Don't know if anyone is still looking for the Win7 x86/x64 drivers?

You can download them from

I installed the driver yesterday on my Windows 7 Pro x64, and it works like a charm!!!
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May 12, 2010 4:17:06 PM

Can you be more specific? I went to that website and I can't find a Windows 7 64bit driver for DWL 520 or DWL 520+

I tried UK and US D-Link support websites.

Please post link to the Windows 7 64bit driver that you have used.
May 12, 2010 6:24:31 PM

Sure :D  , here is the link I used, it's on the Dutch site . That's where I searched at first, because I'm Dutch.

Just click "Downloads", then choose the right hardwareversion for you (in my case option 7. DWL-G520 Revision B3) and on the next page, under Software/Drivers you'll find the Windows 7 32/64/bit driver. :lol: 

Indeed, I couldn't find the driver on the UK site, little strange, don't you think? :??: 

Grtz, Mayen
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May 13, 2010 6:20:35 PM

Got the file ok, thanks. FTP sites above are still not responding.

Already had PCI card installed, then installed this utility. It needed a reboot, but works fine now. Fantastic.

Here is section of the release notes...
DWL-G520 B4 Wireless 108 G PCI Card Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: V4.70 (s0030) EU
Hardware: B4
Date: 2009/10/09
Windows 2000/XP –V5.3.0.46(WHQL Passed)
Windows XP 64bit –V4.2.2.51(WHQL Passed)
Windows Vista 32bit – V7.6.0.1721(WHQL Passed)
Windows Vista 64bit – V7.6.0.1721(WHQL Passed)
Windows 7 32bit – V8.0.0.177(WHQL Passed)
Windows 7 64bit – V8.0.0.177(WHQL Passed)

Problems Resolved:
1. Support Win7

Known Issues:
May 13, 2010 6:27:34 PM

They work fine overhere....
Glad I could help you out!
July 3, 2010 1:41:58 AM

mayen said:
OK, here it is:
File is approx. 16Mb and the link expires 1 week.

Grtz, Mayen

Hi Mayen,
Would you mind too much uploading that Win 7 file again?
I just got the card today and cannot locate the Win7 64 bit driver anywhere.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
July 29, 2010 6:10:51 AM

For some reason I am not getting your last file to work, I have been messing with it for a day or two total now and I am getting frustrated. I have Win 7 32bit, I went through the setup and it says that it installed, I rebooted but I am still getting (in device manager) there is not a driver installed! Any help on that?
August 24, 2010 9:43:34 AM

If you can't get the card to show up in device manager at all, we're talking not even the basic "Ethernet Controller" listing, try using another PCI slot.

If you can't get the driver to install off the CD try the latest off the website, or the ones listed here. If all else fails try this driver:

That is a generic Atheros driver that has a driver for the AR5002 chipset, which the DWL G520 uses however SuperG(108Mbps) will not be usable. It will show up as "Atheros Wireless Network Adapter" but should work just fine.

For those who managed to get as far as pantherjad, i.e. disabling the device before shutting down and reenabling after starting up, there is an easier way.

Check devcon You'll need to dump it in a convenient location such as "C:\Devcon" or a similar spot, try not to put any spaces in the folder name. Make sure you have the folder with devcon.exe in it and hold shift and right click in a blank area in the folder, then release shift, and left click "Open Command Window Here"(or just open a command prompt in the devcon.exe folder if you already know how to do this). In the command prompt type:

devcon.exe find *

This should list all devices in your system, look for the one for your wireless card. The right side of the : will list the name of the device, the left side has the hardware ID, it should begin with "PCI\....". Note the part of it that says "VEN_XXXX". Now in the same folder create a new text document called disable.bat(name doesn't matter, but the extension does). In the text document put:

C:\Devcon\devcon.exe disable *VEN_XXXX

repeat in a new file called enable.bat but this time put:

C:\Devcon\devcon.exe enable *VEN_XXXX

Then fire up gpedit.msc (Start, Run(or Search), gpedit.msc). In the tree listing(left hand side) go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts(Startup/Shutdown). Open Startup and click Add, browse to the "enable.bat" and add it. Do the same with Shutdown and "disable.bat". Close it and try to restart. You should be able to boot without locking up, if you do lock up restart, boot into safe mode(mash F8 when booting up)(without networking enabled), disable the wireless card, restart, boot into windows normally, and then re enable the card. Now check to make sure you don't have the bat files mixed up, such as disable on startup and enable on shutdown(check inside the .bat files as well). If it's still locking up then post in here.

If all else fails install linux(or get a new wireless card). Jk, but seriously on some motherboards this card is very finnicky in windows 7, so good luck.
November 21, 2010 11:26:20 AM

Hi everyone!!!
That's my first post. I'm becoming crazy. I've just install windows 7 64bits (last OS was Vista 32bits) and my wifi card doesn't work at all. It's a DLink DWL-G520+. DLink official page says: pending.
I've done all things you said in this post, but nothing works..... What can I do?
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December 10, 2010 4:01:37 PM


You found a solution?

Thank you.

quotemsg=110694,20,767859]Hi everyone!!!
That's my first post. I'm becoming crazy. I've just install windows 7 64bits (last OS was Vista 32bits) and my wifi card doesn't work at all. It's a DLink DWL-G520+. DLink official page says: pending.
I've done all things you said in this post, but nothing works..... What can I do?
a b $ Windows 7
December 23, 2010 4:17:16 PM

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