9800 GTX+ on Dell Optiplex GX 620

Hello there,

I was wondering if I could fit my Dell Optiplex GX620 a new graphic card and I was thinking of 9800 GTX+, 9800GTX, 8800 GTS(G92) or 8800GT (as it will be my No. 2 computer... in case I will receive advices such as TRY UPGRADE MB and CPU etc etc), I also upraded my RAM from 1GB to 4GB and believe me it's pretty fast!!!...

CPU:Intel P4 3.2GHZ
RAM:4 GB DDR2 533 Dual CH
HDD:2*160GB Seagate SATA
MB: Dell .... dunno which kind, but I think it's made by Intel :D

The thing that's bothering me is that my PSU has only 230W (true power), as the 8 or 9 series GPU's will need much more....is there any need to look for a powerfull special designedPSU designed for Dell Desktops or should I go let's say for ex. for a:
-FORTRON ATX-400PNF ... they aren't expensive, and would be enough to juice up one one those video cards, I would not go for more expensive PSU's!

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  1. With a 430watt PSU, you should have no problem running a 9800GTX+

    You can get plenty of good PSUs in that range for under $50.

    The main problem is your P4 CPU might be a bottleneck for a 9800GTX+.
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