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December 27, 2010 8:26:13 PM

My computer has been running perfectly normal over the last several months. Out of the blue however, it has failed to startup. After trying several things It told me that a file or drive was corrupt, something along the lines of a "boot" file on my one and only hardrive was corrupt. After trying to troubleshoot the error several ways I finally ended up using my windows cd. After inserting my win 7 64bit cd and booting from it, I navigated to the repair startup or boot as the computer had previously attempted without the cd earlier. After waiting hours as it "searched" for problems it apparently found something and proceeded to repair it to no avail. After this "fix-itself" idea failed I decided to reboot it and when I was presented with the option to either A) start up windows normally or B) initiate another windows auto-repair, I chose to startup normally. Windows decided to continue searching instead of start up normally as I then sit through another long period as windows sought a problem and predictably failed to fix it.

Then another problem arose, after an attempted startup, windows did not reach the cross roads where before I was able to decide on a normal startup or repair but instead came to the dreaded "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". After abiding by its command several times that failed to work too. So I was left with only one option I knew of, re-install windows. I have a small HD probably a 74 gb or a little more, western digital raptor 10k rpm with non essential material on it. After booting from the win 7 cd and getting the usual "press any key to boot from cd" I came to the reinstall screen where I clicked the option to completely install it , not upgrade. I was then prompted to choose my hd and continue, problem is my hd is not detected. So after refreshing it a couple times I was unable to get any further and rebooted. this time I tried to boot from the cd once again except after I hit a button when prompted "press any key to boot from cd" the screen goes black and just hangs, it goes no where. That is where I am stuck.

If I boot from my windows CD it hangs, If I try to startup like usual it gives me the disk read error press control alt delete.....

My motherboard screen flashs and gives me the options like normal every startup where I can hit a F series key to boot from a disk or go to my BIOS or what not. That portion is still operating fine. I have reset my BIOS settings to defaults and have gotten no where. I am assuming something just bugged out, a file magically became corrupt or something worse happened.

I am running win 7 64 bit on an ASUS X58 deluxe mobo. I have only one hard drive (western digital raptor 10k at about 74gb or slightly more) The hard drive is several years old but has never once given me a hitch. Nothing was plugged or unplugged from the computer of recent, there are really no explanations in my mind as to how this happened.

As far as I can tell I cannot even access the command prompt at its current state. Even when I was able to It could not find my hard drive. The only options I can think of are to play with some BIOS settings or physically plug and unplug cords in my case in hopes of something resetting. Any professionals care to weight in on this.

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December 27, 2010 8:38:17 PM

Time to buy a new hardrive and reload windows on it.
December 27, 2010 9:18:40 PM

So there is no troubleshooting this? After checking I have a western digital 150 gb raptor 10k rpm. It is about 4 years old. Would this one replace the one I have ?

Is it very hard to install a new hd short of reconnect all the cables I detach from the old one and restart computer, then follow whatever it prompts me to do...?
December 28, 2010 2:52:19 AM

Have you tried a clean and fresh re-installation of W7 instead of doing repairs?