4870 Crossfire help

Hi guys,

I am about to connect the two 4870s I have.

Two questions I have are:

Do I need some special connector for the monitor since there is two video cards? Explain how to connect the monitor having crossfire set-up.

Is there any special driver or setting that I need to set in order for these cards to work properly?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. You need 2 crossfire bridges like these :- http://www.scan.co.uk/Product.aspx?WebProductId=789616

    Connect the gold fingers on your cards, inside the pc.
  2. You should have received a 'bridge' with at least one of the cards I imagine. It connects the 2 cards INTERNALLY, (inside the case, just a couple inches big/long). All you should have to do is plug the monitor in the 'master' card, and enable 'crossfire' in the driver/Catalyst Control Center
  3. I know about Crossfire Bridge.


    How do I know which is the master card?

    Thanks friend.
  4. I believe they did away with the master/slave setup for ATI cards, basically insert the cards, connect the cf bridge, install your driver and make sure ATI crossfire is checked in the CCC panel, then go play some games!
  5. that and make sure you read your motherboard manual!! :P
  6. I have been thinking this also. So Crossfire needs two (2) internal Crossfire bridge connector to work properly, not just one? Because I watched the official video on the ati page and it showed only one bridge connector/2 cards.
  7. I used to have crossfire, i got more options with two saying that. but my primery card didn't like it.

    yes ATI with the HD 2XXX did away with the "crossfire edtions" and made them all compatible, you primery would be which ever has the monitor pluged into it :P
  8. It depends on the card and manufacturer. Some need 2 bridges, some only need 1. It's a pretty bizarre state of affairs tbh.
  9. well I had two sapphire HD4870s one stock and the other was a custom, put two bridges on installed the drivers and all the card did was sit and revv with the computer beeping like hell :o
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