Shader model 2 supported video card drivers updates for dell

i want to find out what upgrade i need for the video card on my computer it says it does not support shader model 2
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  1. I already give this answer today, so I just copy and paste it here:

    Oh great... pixel shaders...(sorry, I remembered something I learned in the old days :lol: )

    so, Shader model 2.0...
    That literary means your video card doesn't have a pixel shader 2.0 model!

    Pixel shaders come integrated with your video card!
    What video card you have? You probablly don't have pixel shader, or you have a lower version like 1.1 or 1.4, but NOT 2.0.
    2.0 is used for hi,modern 3d games...

    Oh, and you CAN'T download it. It's not something you can download , no matter what stupid sites write...

    The best option is that you buy a new video card that has shader model 2.0 (pixel shader 2.0)!

    Another option that I found helpful in my good old days(for some games), was a little program called 3D Analyze
    Download this program and run the *. exe file.

    With this program you can "trick" the game to force a lower pixel shader version by emulating, software rendering (well, not quite that but...not important now!:) ) or make it think you have a pixel shader...just by checking a few settings and running your game through the program 3d Analyze!
    Maybe it will work for your game, but you cannot be sure until you try it yourself!

    3d analyze link:

    Just because I had trouble with this too in the good old days, let me know if it worked for you too! :hello:
  2. you can also use SWIFT it and paste in the game directory.and run the game .exe as will be able play it but take note of how slow it is because it utilizes the cpu memory rather than your gpu..hope it helps!
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