Hard drive capacity suddenly says to be full. Please help. Urgent

Dear everyone,

Could you please help me. Its urgent. I have a desktop with Windows XP. I am not that familiar with storage devices. Since some days my hard drive a 40 GB one with barely any data in it says that its completely filled up with only 180 MB left. This has slowed my computer a lot and I tried reinstalling XP on my PC but the lack of storage space has made it impossible to boot from CD on my PC.

I was going through lot of articles online and though initially I suspected that it was a virus causing this issue. I am coming to a different conclusion now that as I had a daily scan of an Anti-Virus software in my computer. There were lot of System Restore points created with lot of information at each point and that caused my hard drive to reach its capacity so soon.

My knowledge on this is vague and I request anybody to please help me with this issue as i have given all details of what happened. Please help.


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  1. Turn off system restore, it is obviously not worth the static with a 40g hdd, get a larger hdd ,delete the oldest restore files, a 500g hdd is less than $100cad/us before taxes...:)
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