Terrible performance in WoW, Cant find any help

Ive been looking all over the web for some help here, and I cant seem to find anything anywhere. Im running into a severe performance issue on WoW. My hardware overshoots the game by leaps and bounds, there's no reason it should be as bad as it has, and it seems to have gotten worse with the last patch. Tech support is no help at all, they simply wont respond to anything outside of "which computer should I buy".

Vista 32 (tried 64 and its performance was even worse)
Gigabyte MA790X-DS4 mobo
Phenom 9950 BE
Evga Core 216 GTX 260
4 gb Corsair Dominator
Seagate TB Hard drive

I have vista and wow on their own 150 gb partition, everything else on the program partition. Ive tried old drivers, new drivers, nothing I do seems to help. In a 25 man raid, with the wow settings pushed as LOW as the client will allow, Im stuck at sub 20 FPS.

I am able to run Far Cry 2 at ultra settings and top 20 fps, and its leaps and bounds harder on the pc than wow. 3D Vantage benchmarks puts both the cpu and the video right on mark for the test others have done on them. Heat is not an issue, the cpu rarely tops 45C in a full load.

Im at a loss here, Ive tried everything I know to try without completely rebuilding the computer, which I shouldnt have to do.

For more information and links to system specs, etc, please see this thread:

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  1. what resolution(s) are you running either game at? THAT is what actually matters...
  2. did you take one drive and partition it into 2 or you have 2 harddrives. if its just the one i'd say thats your bottleneck
  3. CPU speed has a major infulence on fps in raids. If your cpu is only at 2.6, that could be it, since wow only uses 1 thread, i use an i7 and it bottlenecks my wow but at like 30 fps lowest in 25 man raids but its at 3.5ghz
  4. After 2 weeks of pouring over every little detail, I think Ive tracked down the problem to the RAM. I dont know if I received the wrong ram, or if I was just asleep when placing the order, but its only capable of 800mhz, rather than the 1066 that it should be.

    Ive ordered the correct speed ram, and we'll see what happens when its there in a few days.

    In regards to the previous questions, I run everything at 1920 x 1200, the norm for my monitor.

    And yes, its 1 drive partitioned into 2. 1 for the OS alone, because Ive always been told that is superior to giving windows a full TB to run around on.
  5. Hum i was just about to ask you if you record while playing as certain non factor 16 resolutions will mess up recoding causing horrible frame rates but you're rez is fine.

    Taken to that 1920x1200 shouldn't be too much of a problem when plaing wow.

    Oh wait 25 man raids.

    Lol it's the blizzard server and you're Internet connection that is doing that. There is more or less nothing you can do about it.

    In raids and in cityes your fps are more bound by how well you are connected to the server then how well your comp build is.

    But if your fps is fine outside of those area's there is no issue with your build.

    Edit: i used to play a on a heavily populated server kil'jaedon that thing lagged like always in raids except on occation. I'd get 100+fps maxed out everything at 1280x1024 with an 8800GTS 640mb and a FX-62 and then get down to 20-30 in raids and there was no fps increase no matter how i changed the settings and rebooted the game.
  6. Nah man, its not that. My girlfriend sits behind me, in the same raids, with half the computer I have, and doesnt have the issue at all.
  7. I don't get it at all.

    Is it possible to do a clean system install? Only do one partition, and don't do the quick format, that way it will check every sector of that hard drive.
  8. Not to mention I get what izzy is saying, but you can usually tell server/internet lag compared to computer lag. I did 25 man raids for the most part fine on my computer. And it's a p.o.s. amd 64 3200, 128mb ati 9500 pro, 1gb of ram. That's what I was using, and for even 25 man raids it was fine.

    Personally if this started happening to me specially after patches, I would just say screw it, and no matter how bad it sucks would just reinstall it, and let it patch over night. *Defrag before and after installation/patches*.
  9. I dont think its RAM related ... 800mhz to 1066 mhz isnt going to give you real improvement.

    here are some test ive done.

    @880mhz 4-4-4-12
    Latency ................ : 82ns
    Bandwith ............... : 8.18gb/s
    Cache/Mem bandwith : 54.2gb/s

    @1047mhz 5-5-5-18
    Latency ................ : 76ns
    Bandwith ............... : 8.64gb/s
    Cache/Mem bandwith : 55.39gb/s

    6 nanosecond and 0.46gbsec arnt going to improve any FPS by a good margin.

    I think something else is wrong ... and PLZ TELL US THE RES YOU USE !
  10. my guess is the shadows, since the new patch, allowing for anti-aliased shadows, my computer went bad, and check my config out, should destroy wow with even better shadows then they offer. im pretty sure is a bug with the shadows, cause when put the slider as high as it would go, i would get somewhat lower fps, which is usual, but i would also notice that the game would freeze for a about half a second from time to time, and when moving the slider down one notch, everything would run at 60 fps all day long, including dal. but izzy might have a point with the internet lag, but i would put my money on the shadows, unless you dont have it on that top notch. gl though. and btw, what server are you on, cause if ive been on there and its not slow, then that would at least rule out their server as laggy
  11. Rez I use is in an above post, but for those that missed it its 1920 x 1200.

    Its not just shadows either. The last 2 raids Ive turned the settings down as low as the client will allow, and still wont top 15 to 20 fps.

    As far as a clean install, Yea I suppose I could do it again. This is a fairly clean install though. Ive reinstalled completely 4 times in the last 3 weeks trying to track the issue down.
  12. IIIRC, there is a patch for Phenom available in the WOW Support foums.
  13. Just have to wait for the patch that fixes it again. About 2 years ago, they released a patch that did the same thing to me, didnt matter what settings I chose, it drug my 8600GTS to a crawl. About 2 patches later the problem went away, but that was a fustrating month for sure.
  14. juravieal said:
    Rez I use is in an above post, but for those that missed it its 1920 x 1200.

    Its not just shadows either. The last 2 raids Ive turned the settings down as low as the client will allow, and still wont top 15 to 20 fps.

    As far as a clean install, Yea I suppose I could do it again. This is a fairly clean install though. Ive reinstalled completely 4 times in the last 3 weeks trying to track the issue down.

    Silly question - Do you have V Sync enabled? If so, shut it off.
  15. Nope, no vsync. The only phenom patch Ive seen anywhere in the forums would be the TLB issue, but that only plauged models that ended in 00. I have the 9950, and the xx50 models are exempt.

    But I did try enabling the tlb fix anyway, to no avail. Im still working on it. Currently playing with some overclocking to see what I can get out of the system.

    Ive got a nice zalman cpu cooler (http://zalman.com/ENG/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=164) so heat really shouldnt be an issue. Currently have it running at 3.1 on stock 1.3 voltage. Thought I should probably be able to take it a bit higher, but havent been able to keep it stable at 3.2+ yet.

    Shrug....cant get wow to run right, so I may as well tinker with everything else, right?
  16. I run 40fps in 25 man raids but its always been that way im having some probs of my own, not seeing a lot of improvemtn on my new 275 gtx i got up from a 8800gt so im looking into it being my newtwork card maybe, so im gonna take that load off my cpu and add a killer to my pcie slot see if that helps it.
  17. doormatderek said:
    what resolution(s) are you running either game at? THAT is what actually matters...

    Nah, With a GTX260 and a decent CPU (which he didnt list?) you wan max out wow at pretty much every rez.

    I had wow maxed on a E6750 @ 3.4 with an 8800GTS640 @ 1900x1200, and it rarely IF ever dropped into the 20s.

    *Edit* I see the CPU now.

    You really should have no problems running it with your specs. Is this a fresh OS install?
  18. Disable all your addons before you do anything else, see how that goes.
  19. ^good suggestion.

    I haven't played WOW in years so my idea on the required specs might be off a tad.
  20. mushi85 said:
    Disable all your addons before you do anything else, see how that goes.

    Ran my last raid with 0 addons and the client at the lowest settings already. Didnt top 20fps.

    Yea, it is basically a fresh install, I had did a complete reinstall to 32 bit to clean some things up, decided the next day it was time to try 64 bit since no one seems to have issues with it, had worse performance on 64 bit, so I went back to 32 bit. All in all, the install is less than 2 weeks old.
  21. Have you tried updating the BIOS yet? I couldn't find if you had in the post
  22. I believe I have the most recent, but that is something I hadnt thought to check. I'll double check. I had to do it when I bought the board a couple months back, for the 9950 support.
  23. (Re)Install the latest nvidia drivers and then install the latest directX web package. See if that helps.

    Nvidia drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x86_185.85_whql.html
    DirectX: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=2DA43D38-DB71-4C1B-BC6A-9B6652CD92A3&displaylang=en
  24. Hi,
    I do have exactly the same problem.
    Here are some additional data :
    - drivers and directx => last version
    - 10k+ at 3dmark06
    - highest settings possible in left4dead => 60 fps
    - highest settings possible in demigod => fps not measured, but seems very good.
    - 10 fps in wow in uldu25, may go as low as 1.3 fps. Changing from top settings to lowest settings has only a marginal effect.

    My computer is a dell XPS 1730, with 6 gB ram, T9500 CPU, and GT9800M SLi. While searching forums, this problem seems to happen with all kind of OS (from vista 64 to XP SP3 32), so that seems fairly OS-independant.

    I read somewhere that logitech lcd on keyboard (G10 for example) may provoke this kind of issue. Do you happen to have one ?
  25. Heres a thought.......


    Do a fresh install of XP Pro, NOT home. Home sucks. As well as making sure to LEAVE it a clean install. Install all the XP updates and make sure your video and sound drivers are up to date. Don't install any retarded anti viruses like kasparsky or AVG and disable windows firewall. And leave IE 6 on it, 7 is horrible and i think 8 just kills XP.


    Spend the next 6 hours installing WoW and another 4 hours getting updates. During this process have a beer or at least bang your ol' lady.

    Finally, restart the whole machine and start up WarCrack.

    Good luck.
  26. and arehnius, are you running vista? if not, why on earth would you be running 6gigs of ram....
  27. Here is an update :
    I deleted everything (but WTF), made a fresh install from the internet (there is a net installer for wow, and I had kept all the patches), and now it's running smooth, no more performance issue. I don't exactly get what was messed up, but now, it's working.

    To answer to you, philthy, I'm running vista 64, and i have 6 gigs, because dell would not sell me the config I wanted without those 6 gigs. By the way, it's not pricy anymore to have 2 gigs more, so why would I even bother ?
  28. you should try disabling ALL addons...I had the same issue...i went to my addons (WoWmatrix) and disabled all of them...now WoW runs like a charm...
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