2 lan card in one pc

im having a problem in my work.
in office we have internet connection. but we have a client that is only connected to us for network data only. let say they are connected in data patch that is being installed in the wall.. my problem is the client have a DSL connection and the computer have 2 lan cards. first lan card is connected to network and 2nd lan card is for DSL. my problem is when both connection is enable the network connection cant process data sharing that is needed for network.. if the DSL is off the network connection is working but if its on the network connection is not working. how can i make both connection working? example of ip.. subnet default gateway that is for server... for client IP is this subnet defaultgateway this is for 1st lan card and for 2nd lan card is for DSL subnet defult
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  1. You need to manually add a route for the internal network interface.
  2. hi phil,

    actually we do add route for that but still not working.. this is the route we put.

    route add if 0x3

    but still not working... still conflict with lan card. if there is internet connection (DSL) no network connection for server. if they disable the DSL connection we can have network connection.

    example.. 1 computer 2 lan card... 1st and 2nd lan card. 1st lan card IP is and 2nd lan card IP is obtain due to DSL connection automatic ip.. we want both lan card working without having trouble with the connection. both you can use together the DSL and the network connection.
  3. Reread the usage for the route command. I have not used route in a long time myself, but I can see you are not using it correctly.
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