Help with HD4670 vs 9500gt vs 9600gt

I'm a moderate gamer, I mostly play Battlefield 2, I'm looking for a card that can play it at high (maybe with AA). Now I have a 22in monitor (5ms) and a 300 power supply with 18A on the +12v rail. My 3 choices are the HD4670, 9500gt, and the 9600gt. 4670 cause it uses less power than all the others listed. I'n looking for 30+ FPS at MAX everything maybe at 1920x1080 or maybe a little lower... Please Help, thanks in advance!
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  1. If you want to play at that high resolution, you are going to be needing something more like a 4870, or better and a better psu. Maybe on BF2 you can get away with less, but the thing is at that high a resolution, those cards for most games will not cut it.
  2. 9500GT < 4650 < 4670 < 9600GT
  3. Like ohiou said a 4670 or 9600 GT will be fine in Battlefield 2 but any new games won't do very well at a resolution that high.
  4. The 4670 I recommend:
    512mb HIS IceQ Radeon HD 4670 Turbo:
  5. how about 1600x1200 or 1280x720? and im more on the 4670 side because its sorta of affordable and I don't need to buy a new power supply. This is the one im looking at here
  6. Don't get a card with 1gb of memory unless it's a 4890 or something.
    Anything cheaper isn't powerful enough to use it.
  7. And 1280x720 is fine and 1600x1200 is iffy. I use mine at 1440x900
  8. well i heard having more memory helps when you play on bigger monitors.
  9. If you're playing at like 2560x1600 on a 30 inch monitor.
  10. ^ It doesn't matter if the GPU isn't powerful enough to use that memory.
    The 4670 doesn't need more than 512mb since it's not powerful enough to use more.
  11. ok thanks but will the 4670 work on high at 1280x720? Maybe with AA?
  12. Yes, at that resolution it should be fine. You can probably go up to 1280x1024 with maxed out GFX and AA with ease, since Battlefield 2 isn't extremely GPU intensive.
  13. nazmaz said:
    ok thanks but will the 4670 work on high at 1280x720? Maybe with AA?

    Yes and excellently at that.
  14. just asking, is it HDCP compatible?
  15. Yep
  16. will this version work with a 300watt power supply with a 18A?
  17. I'm thinking this card will be better, it's memory is faster, even though it's only 512, but again, it's not like a 4670 can fully utilize 1 gb of memory.
  18. well run games with a 300watt pwr supply w/ 18A? Because I have a Dell Inspriron 530 and when you customize it, there is a choice to choose the HD4670, im worried about the non-reference coolers on the overclocked ones, so I have to make sure it doesn't use more power. Thanks in advance
  19. ^ bump ^
  20. The card I provided a link to will work just fine with your power supply.
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