W to overclock phenom x6 1055t

my goal is to get it to 4ghz flat stable. here is my rig
---phenom x6 1055t 2.8ghz
---8gb of kingston hyper x 1333mhz ddr3 cas 7
---1tb samsung 7200rpm hdd
---biostar TA890FXE am3 motherboard
---nvidia gts 250 512mb
---coolermaster v6 gt cpu cooler
---thermaltake v3 black edition computer case(plenty of cooling)
---700watt coolmaxx psu
---asus 24x dvd burner/cd
---d-link dwa-552 32bit pci xtreme desktop wireless internet adapter

i kinda got lost in the bios.if anyone could give me sum settings or ideas on how to go about this or anyone owns this mobo i would apreciate ur help.thanx
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    The 1st things that you need know and disable are this:

    1- Turbo Core
    2- Cool'n'quite
    3- C1E
    4- PCIE Spread spectrum
  2. Best answer
    Agree with saint 19,

    CPU configuration : C1E- Disabled + Power Now (coon quite) Disabled
    in bios and always see setting in CPU-Z and keep temp below 60C under fulload stress test.

    T overclocker : auto overclock manual raise voltage CPU
    ( 1055 T 6core get stable in 4 Ghz min 1.52v, i have this CPU)

    - increase FSB to 286 x 14 multiplier
    - Drop NB freq from 2000 to 1800 ~1600 Mhz
    - drop your Ratio RAM to 1066 set auto + increase Vdim 0.75

    save your setting in bios, you have 10 place for save setting different overclock

    Test .. 8 hours smal FFT prime95.
  3. thanx.i will post back
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  5. dammit.well i did what u told me. i set vcore voltage to 1.52,nb at 1800 upped ram voltage but it wont let me run ram at 1066 only at this bad?
  6. i ran cpu-z ays dram is running at 572mhz(does that mean 572x2=1144?) at fsb 1:dram ratio
  7. actually in cpu-z is fsb ram x 2 , why cpu-z just read one of ram, if your ram dual (2), see in cpu-z get 750 set auto 8-8-8-27, your ram get 1500 mhz.
  8. 1:2 cas 6
  9. 1: 2 cas 6 too low see my edit massage !
  10. I love this.....when you think that overclock is that easy that just set some settings :lol:
  11. @mrbrown510 : in bios at ram setting have 4 choice :
    1600, 1333, 1066, 800 . In above I said change 1066 but you set 800..
  12. ya i set 800 because 1066 wont boot up
  13. its ok ima just leave my ram at 800 cas planning on upgrading to 16gb of corsair 1600mhz ram anyways(4gb sticks).at least i got 4ghz stable for now
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