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can someone tell me which chipset has the best onboard graphic card? i'm building a new pc but i'm still confused which mobo to choose. cureently i'm looking to buy asus evo 785g but i don't know whether it is better than mobo with 790x/790gx/790fx. what are the differences between them?

thanks in advance!
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  1. The 785 is a good value. The onboard graphics is the radeon 4200, which will run some games in medium resolution. If you want to spend more, the 790 will also work, but I always look for value.
  2. If it's a new PC, then scrap all that and get a P55 or X58.
  3. i read it somewhere that onboard graphic for 790x is radeon 3300. is it true? in that case, it looks like 785 is better.
  4. "While the chipset's 785G designation reflects minor improvements, the name of the Radeon HD 4200’s GPU is quite a bit more provocative. Given its name, one might assume that the Radeon HD 4200 (785G) is superior to the Radeon HD 3300 (790GX), which is not the case when it comes to gaming. The 790GX is clocked at 700 MHz, while the 785G is clocked at 500 MHz. And with everything else being pretty much equal, the 790GX is, of course, notably faster.",2381-4.html

    Keeping in mind some 785G's could be easily overclocked to similar specs..,2441-21.html
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