Best Hardware Raid Controller for my system?


I'm looking to upgrade my system a little bit by adding a hardware raid card and another SSD to my current RAID 0 array. My current set up is:

Core i7 930
6GB RAM 1600
3 x OCZ Vertex 30GB SSD

I currently have the 3 SSD set up in RAID 0 with the MOBO's on board RAID. For performance I'd like to use a hardware RAID controller but as I'm new to this type of hardware I'm not sure what to get. I'm looking to stay under 400 but I'll get whatever is the best for my build. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  2. Yeah, I know that I'll have to do a clean install. I'm not worried about it. It'll give me something to do for a weekend. I'm just looking to get a little more performance out of my box and I believe this coupled with a little Overclocking on the CPU will put me where I want to be.
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