My Gtx 460 says its running at x8 instead of x16

My gpu z says its capable of x16, but is actually only running at x8. Why is that and how do i change it? I have an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 board
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    From a review:

    "...when only one card is used then it runs at X16 speeds. The catch to this is that for a single card setup the card must be placed in the lower blue colored X16 slot and a switch card must be placed in the upper whitish colored X16 slot to enable the true X16 speeds."

    Is that the setup you are using?
  2. Well, Heres ther solution. Its in the correct slot, I just happened to forget to put in my VGA switch in the other slot. Now its running at 16 2.0 :D
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