Lol info needed on bottleneck CPU

Ok lol someone told me on a post i have about psu and sli, that 2 9800gtx's in SLI would bottleneck my CPU... :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:

Any help info on this well be very helpful..........

Here what I have so fare.

windows 7 64 bit

Mobo is a ASUS M3N72-D duel Sli [...] 6813131323

AMD 9850 quad core 2.5 CPU, 125 watts , not OC yet. [...] 6819103280

1 LG 22" LCD 10,000 to 1. 2 ms

COOLING MASTER CPU COOLER gemin 2 s [...] 6835103046

1 EVGA 9800 GTX…. Takes two 6 pins the one I have is not the + [...] 6814130339

Cooler Master PSU 750W real power, RS-750-ACAA-A1

WD HDD 500 G @ 7200 RPMS [...] 6822136073

MUSHIIN MEM DDR2 2GX2 @ 1066 [...] 6820146785

ANTEC 300 CASE with 1 140MM TRI cool fan, 2 ANTEC 120MM tri cool fans, and 2 120 mm front fans….. [...] 6811129042

any input well be helpful :sol: :sol:
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  1. Well TBH first gen Phenom CPUs weren't that great. See if you can overclock your CPU a little, tho the 1st Phenoms weren't great for overclocking either.
  2. ok every one said it was a good OC. AND THE MOBO TO...
    1st gen not that good lol it what ways?
  3. Say lol more please.

    At any rate, teh CPU is definitely the slowest between the sLI and cpu.. but it shouldn't limit you THAT much, even given the sucky performance of phenom 1's. (they dont OC well as in they dont get high clocks...)
  4. towhog66 said:
    ok every one said it was a good OC. AND THE MOBO TO...
    1st gen not that good lol it what ways?

    They just had poor performance, poor ability to OC (it might be one of the better first gens to OC with, but I wouldn't recommend it), and poor stability.

    Its quite possible your CPU is the bottleneck in the system. Your weakest link is deffinatly the CPU. Do I think its that BAD of a bottleneck? No, but if you can afford to upgrade.....

    On a sidenote, the mobo IS good for overclocking.
  5. ok after i get a new 9800 gtx i look in to getting a better cpu. the mobo will work with am-3 cpu's so that will help...

    is there a better am2+ cpu then what i have? i thought i got the best one out there! i only paid $85.00 for lol.... out of box....

    thanks guys for all the info.................

    I think the 940 is the best AM2+ cpu out there, but I could be wrong. There are a few better then the one you have.

    You have the best of the first generation, so its not TOO big of a deal.
  7. the amd is fare a better cpu then the one i have... ill save up and get it....... but first i got things to get first... lol

    940 looks good.
  8. it rocks every game i played so fare..... 44 fps to 119 lol 1680 by 1050 lol.
  9. i just got the amd 940 be.... yea
  10. i got the 940 be last yr and it rocks.... ty
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