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I have Vista 64-bit SP1. I also have the Sapphire 4890 and on dxdiag, it's showing DX 10.1. If a game requires 9c and I accidently loaded and installed it, would it install over 10.1? If games arent for dx10, would 10 still allow it to load but at lower resolution?

Im asking because I downloaded a game and got this message:

The engine was unable to initialize the sound system
Please make sure that you have the June 2008 or later version of Directx installed ( I just built this computer last week).

Also make sure that you have a sound driver installed.
Sound: Auzentech Forte
Speakers 5.1 Logitech Z-5500 Input: Optical and effect: digital
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  1. Did you purchase said game? (yes this is relavent)
  2. Yes. World Of Subways Volume 1
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