I need to get 2 Ext HD's, Help with Brands

I looked and apparentely missed any that applied to me.

I have extensive RT's (*runtimes as in 3D graphics to render products), and it is getting to be overwhelming finding everything. So I want to re-organize, but size constraints a space prohibitive on my present X HD). Because of the always present possibllity that a site could just disappear, I have to safe guard my purchases (*which in dollars are well into the thousands).

I also need a 1TB drive for my Dish Network DVR. Talk about bad equipment! This will be the 5th DVR Dish has had to replace because of mechanical or other issues! So now I have USB capabillity on the DVR and I need to download about 200 hours of recorded programming.

So here is my 3 part question...

I have a 1TB internal HD by Seagate, never had an issue. I have a 1 TB external Seagate, never had an issue. 1 500GB Buffaloe from Dell... no issues and but it does have an on/off switch (*the seagates do not) which I like.

But at Newegg I am reading all sorts of bad reviews on Seagates! Plus my SG sets on it's side in my Printer/Modem/External HD's ex-microwave cabinet (*I do be resourceful!) that sits next to the computer desk. Now that I need to have extra space I went to Newegg to look at X HD's... and I also need to back-up my purchases too, so I went searching for 2 1TB or one 5TB drive(s). I am more educated (*from coming here) and doing my research about products that I am seeing all of these posts about SG's that are negative?! Could someone enlighten me, and help out on why I am seeing these? I want to buy a good set of drives, but I do not remember all these negative comments when I bought the internal or the external drives. Has something changed radically at SG? I also had heard that Western Digital was NOT a good drive in general. Now I see lots of positive comments on some sites. Opinions on the best medium cost (*low as possible) X HD's please. Also I would value your opinions on the makes, and also the best on-line storage provider for what I have in 3D content only. My external for the DVR is only to transfer from tha DVR and unto another media for safe keeping or to sort. That DVR has to go back as it is messed up and does not want to play nice with HD TV or any of my periferrals.

1) Western Digital or Seagate? Does WD have an on/off switch? I like that about the Buffaloe ext HD. Best warrentee? Best experiences from my friends here @ Tom's with either?

2) Best or safest/most secure way to safe guard my files against loss of any kind? Nearly 2 TB's of products. Online back up, or store on External only used for this purpose (*turned on rearely)? If on-line who would you reccomend to use?

3) Is there any incompatabillity issues with the DVR by Dish with external drives? I was warned to only use a 1TB drive by Dish. I have a little over 200 hours of programming. Is there any conflict with HDMI? Cause on an HD DVR, it is mostly all in HDMI format now. I was told by Dish that I was allowed to download to an external.

Other X HDs I looked at>
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148578 which I thought was supposed to be a good model because it had the abillity to upgrade to a 3 wire.




Thank you, and belated Merry Christmas, and a future Happy New Years to everyone!
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