Cheap graphic card that does the job

Hello, friends

i need some advise,

What would be a entire level graphics card for a budget build, but still run the newer games, like COD4,Crysis,Fallout, Rainbow 6 etc.?

This is my 2nd built rig, the first rig was only a basic computer to do normal day to day task. I am current building this rig for lite modern gaming and day to day task. I am on a budget as well. I still waiting for some of my parts to come in, via mail. I will be assembling soon. I was thinking on a ATI.

My spec are

Mobo- Asus m3a78-T
Cpu -- Amd x2 7850 BE (overclocked)
Mem--- G.skill 4 gb 2x2gb ddr2 1066
Cpu heatsink-- arctic freezer 64 pro
HD-- Seagate SATA 500gb
Case antec 900
OS-- Window XP (will get Vista HM premium later)

All advise and input will be greatly thankful
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  1. ati 4770 for $100 will do fine.

    what resolution and what power supply do you have.
  2. I second the 4770, it is a fantastic card and cheap too.
  3. third vote for the 4770. awesome performance, low power, cheap. Ive yet to be able to find one on newegg though, so good luck.
  4. forth vote for the 4770.
  5. I second the 4850, it is a fantastic card and cheap too.
  6. IMO if the 4850 is only $10 cheaper, has a bit better performance I'll go for it. Looks like all the 4770's are sold out.
  7. Yea, you should have nabbed a 4770 when they came out, I made my brother buy one for his rig two days after they were released, by then they had even dropped 10 dollars.
  8. Vote fifth for 4770
  9. 4850 ftw
  10. PS--master cool 500w

    As for resolution, i have no ideal.
  11. that psu looks good for a 4850 18a on 2 lines 12w x 18a = 216 watts i think
  12. 360w/12v -> 30 amps total

    You're golden.
  13. Best 4850
    512mb HIS IceQ4 Radeon HD 4850 Turbo:
  14. thanks guys

    For pulling through and answers my questions

    I will choose the 4850 or the 4770 which ever i get the best deal on, that's the one i will run.

    Just receive the rest of my parts in the mail, this even. Will be up and running in no time. The mobo that i have is missing the start up disc and drivers so i have the load them from Asus web site, "only downfall". Another through is Asus tech. support is the greatest, always answering my phone calls.
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