Recently built my first computer and I'm looking for advice to properly and safely overclock. I have a MSI 890FXA-GD65 mb, AMD Phenom 1090T processor, Corsair H70 liquid cooling(lapped) and MSI R6950 2G video card. I've read through a couple of guides, so I have the general idea. Just wanting some feedback from more experienced overclockers who have the same board and possibly processor... Also for some reason AMD overdrive and speedfan aren't displaying CPU temps anymore. :/
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  1. You have a Black Edition, so you can raise the multiplier and add vCore (not over 10%, that's just me, others may tell you otherwise). Test running Prime95 for 20 minutes, then when final overnight and monitor temperatures with CoreTemp. Enable Round-off error checking. As a general rule your CPU temps should not go over 70ºC.

    AMD Black Edition Overclock (by Raising Multiplier) Guide
  2. I own both the cpu and motherboard mentioned above but have yet to overclock my system for at this time I have no need. I'm not sure why you would need to overclock with your current system at this point in time but if you choose to safe temps for AMD Phenom 1090T are 58C and below max "safeish" voltage 1.5. There are many guides and forums around with people who own AMD Phenom 1090T and other AMD Thuban CPU's that can give further input on overclocking this particular cpu line my advice is to do as much research as you can and when you do decide to overclock do not start at your desired frequency work your way up to it checking stability and temps as you increase settings.

    Edit: Try CoreTemp for checking CPU temps. Piriform Speccy also works well and also gives you other system information.
  3. This motherboard is designed to handle overclocking for one and two I spent the extra money for a sealed liquid cooling kit to keep temps down which is really the only danger in overclocking. Not looking to push it past 55C. Please don't post in this threaed unless u have some useful information.
  4. I'm actually intrested in buying that mobo...Do you have any idea of what the AM3+ print is on it for?

    I currently have a Phenom ii x4 965 O.C. to 4ghz from 3.4ghz.It's very simple actually,being that it's a Black Eidtion it makes very easy because it has an unlocked multiplier.

    Stock for the 1090 is 3.2ghz so you'll get around 300-400mhz increase without having to increase the voltage.Try to 3.5ghz and then test stablilty.If it holds bump up the voltage by .25.Try testing for stability and raise the miltipler each time until it becomes unstable then add more voltage.It's simple,if it becomes unstable that means it needs more voltage.

    Don't forget their are limiations of how far the chips can go.It's not like you can keep going as long as your temps are low.I've seen many people top off at 4ghz.Unfourntily i think this is the max for this chip.

  5. Have the same setup. Running at 3.8Ghz and 4.0Ghz on turbo core using a 16x and 20x multiplier in that order. Bumped the Voltage to just over 1.4 and running a Cooler Master N520 Hyper. Temp is verified at 34C with probe and MB about 1C off on motherboard from probe. Using GSkill DDR3 memory clocked to 1600Hz and North Bridge @ 2200Hz. No stability problems at all and no liquid cooling either. Push pull configuration on case fans with external fan controller on an NZXT case. This thing is easy to overclock and easy to go to far. Be careful how far you try to push it. Oh, also running crossfired 5750's. Plenty to run Crysis in 1080p with full settings and get dizzy doing it. LOL
  6. Hey i have the board but with a 970 be (deneb).

    So far it is an amazing overclocker but i had a few concerns i thought i would share.

    I oc my 970 from 3.5ghz to 4.2ghz with the corsair h70 max cpu temps of 51c after 24hours of prime 95.

    i set my vcore at 1.485 but when i start any stress program it bumps up to 1.540-1.560 fluctuating in that area.

    I have yet to determine if this is safe as it seems to only increase under heavy loads and not sure if it will affect processor life expectancy.

    the board has a new bios available but I didn't see any major changes.

    Incredibly stable. Northbridge seemed hotter than i would like. 98c and very very hot to the touch so i installed a fan over the heatsink and they dropped drastically.

    Hope this is helpful at all :)
  7. @addiktet
    Did you disable AMD Cool n Quiet?
    Looks like its automacitally bumping up voltage to handle the higher frequency.Or it's just still on Cool n Quiet mode.
  8. I find that the northbridge chip runs pretty hot on this board. i own a 890FXA-GD65 running with a 970 BE and its idling at 54c (northbridge). when i replaced my air cooler with a Corsair H60 it seemed to jump.
  9. That seems to be the case with this board.I've heard that the NB runs hot from lots of people.And I experienced the same myself when I had it.
  10. I have the same board with an 1100 T. I have an H50+ I was putting in a peltier, which I had ruined on an older computer.
    So I turned to just the h50. The stock cooler and it are identical in my experience.
    I run the stock cooler with the thermal on 25% minimum fan. It's quiet and fast.
    As far as OC
    250 speed and 17x is a stable 4 GHz w/2Ghz RAM if you ply the voltages. IT can be made to run.
    On my facebook I have some OCCT Limpack test pictures from 4.2 Ghz with the RAM at 2Ghz (it ran, 5 minutes, but the USB on that board fried and I rma'd it) I used it that way for around a week.I think I was CPU VDD at 1.5375 I had everything else auto except the RAM which was up 4 or 5. It ran overnight got a little dreamy in the AM.
    I don't really notice an application speed difference OCing, it is a fun preoccupation with spare time however and a fun challenge.
  11. I also saw a post about someone running the GD70 BIOS to get South bridge voltages last night here:
    I don't know.
    Don't sound safe to me.
  12. Same board and cpu as OP. Well overclocking may be fun and a nice preoccupation, but it is very useful in my games. Currently I'm running 4GHZ simply upping the mult to 20. 1.485V seems to be stable in real world apps but core #5 fails on Prime after some length of time. Memtest proves ok and so does the built in Windows memory checker. Max temps running prime was 50C (my room is cold..probably 20C or less). Now I don't think I want this kind of clock 24/7 so I've got turbo core enabled with both starting frequency and ending frequency at 4000MHZ. This way when I'm browsing or not doing heavy stuff all cores default to 800MHZ....I'm ranting on, so here's the question I really wanted to ask. I have raised my NB and HT to 2200 and I'm wondering what voltages would be appropriate for those clocks. Cant seem to find an answer out there.

    Amd 1090t hexacore
    MSI 890fxa-gd65
    8 GB G-Skill snipers 1333
    MSI GTX560ti TwinFrozr II
  13. Anything but the CPU only requires minimal voltage tweaking.You don't want to increase it like you would a CPU because you can overvolt it rather easily.Try bumping it up .025 and test it.You don't want to exceed 1.3 volts.
  14. Thanks for your input purple. Not sure why its marked AM3+. I agree with the rest of you guys that this processor/board doesn't like being pushed passed 4.0ghz. I had mine at 4.2ghz for awhile but had to turn it down. I've got 2 msi twin frozn hd6950s on this beast now. The computer runs at room temp even while gaming, minus the cards of course which do run cool for a video card. I had some issues with my corsair 2x4gb dominator memory. A stick went bad so i'm gonna give mushkin a shot. Gonna try out their best 2x4gb pc3-17000 and see if I can gain stability while running at the max bandwidth. The corsairs didn't want to run at the speed they are rated for and were intended for an intel. Mushkin has already impressed me with a direct answer for a recommendation on what memory to get. A rep responded that I should be able to get the computer running at 2133mhz with their best. $40 price difference between the 2x4gb mushkin pc3-16000 and 17000, not sure if thats worth it.
  15. Also I have never ran this computer through stress testing. I like to make small changes and I test stability by playing games like normal or just by over stressing the computer myself. No reason to stress the system for extended periods of time with rediculous 3d tests just play skyrim or crysis lol.

    Enjoy the grand daddy purp, purple stank
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