Will i get better ping with Vpn or Proxy ?

Hello ,
I live in the middle east and im really addicted playin' multiplayer games ...
All the servers which i play r located in the UK / GER / FR ...
I get 80-100 ping ...
I have 2.5mb/0.25kb Adsl connection ,
About the internet speed i will incrase it , but it will take about 2 month due to the new internet my phone company is installing ...
The new NGN internet which could reach to 50MB download and dont know how its going to be with the upload .. also , im not sure about the ping that i will get anyway ...
so , i really need help about what to do ... !!
i dont want 10-20 ping like i get in servers located in my country ...
i want to decrease to 50-60 ping not less .....
will vpb/proxy help me do it ? ifnot any other suggestion would be helpfull.
NOTICE: the vpn/proxy located in the UK :P not im my country
and im willing to pay if there is any thing that could help .. money isny my case

Thanks and sorry for baddy englush* ;P :bounce: of course its english ;)
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  1. Its questionable whether your ping will drop or not due to the distance involved and the number of routers and other equipment that the packets must travel through.

    Question: Why do you not want a 10-20 ping which is better than 50-60?
  2. Normally, adding VPN/Proxy would add "processing layers" to your internet packets and therefore could only increase your ping.

    However, there are very few circumstances where it could be better.
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