Monitor shows "out of range" after remote desktop connection.

I can remotely connect to a computer, but after I log out of that computer from my desktop, and try to log back on computer from its terminal, the monitor shows "out of range". Nothing happens and I have to restart computer.
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  1. Computer is running windows xp professional, and I am using the windows remote desktop connection. Anyone know the fix to this problem?
  2. 'out of range' refers to the refresh freq being too high for the monitor to handle (usually). Looks like the remote connection messes up the display settings somehow... Are the monitors similar in both computers? (like both are LCDs with 60Hz or one of them a CRT with 100Hz) Though I dont think that should have any effect at all...
  3. Kari,

    You were right on the money. The computer I was trying to remotely connect to had the monitor set to 75Hz, and mine is set to 60 Hz. As soon as I set the remote computer to 60 Hz everything worked fine. No more "out of range" error.

    Thanks for your help!
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