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I have a Q8200 with a stock heat sink right now. I plan to do some over clocking with it. Would it be a good idea to grab a new heatsink and fan?

Normally I would say an immediate yes, but this stock heatsink and fan has a cylinder hooked up so it takes cold air from outside the case. I see this as a very good thing, but I may be wrong. All the other fancier heatsinks I see don't do this. Any thoughts?

Cost is not a huge issue; performance is my main concern.
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  1. Any ideas?
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    Yes, you will need a better heatsink. The stock coolers on the 45 nm Intel CPU's are about half the size of the ones on the older 65 nm CPU's. So there is very little reserve cooling capacity. They are just good enough to run the CPU at stock speeds.

    Two good choices and under $50 are the Sunbeam Core Contact and the Xigmatec HDT S-1283 Dark Knight.
    Xigmatec Dark Knight

    This assumes that they will fit in your case. A case that's good at moving air through itself is also good.
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