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Alright, here's the deal: I've been out of the PC-building business for a while now, so I'm a little rusty. At the most, I'm just really behind on the current best choices, deals, etc etc. Raw information below.

Approximate purchase date: Somewhere around May 10th - 11th
Budget: Preferably less than $2000, around $1700-ish being favored
Usage: Gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies
Parts not required: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers
Preferred websites: or
Parts preferences: No specific brands
Overclocking: Possibly, but most likely no more than a little
SLI/Crossfire: Maybe
Monitor resolution: 1680x1050

Mainly, I'm just looking for help on the processor, motherboard, and video card(s). I'm kinda leaning toward DDR3 and CI7 right now, but if by chance there's any better deals out there, I'd love to know. ;)

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  1. Well are you very specific about the i7 ??
    Because if the build is for gaming, a PC for half that cost could play nearly all the games at highest settings at that resolution...
  2. I agree with gkay09 a comp doesnt need to be more then 1G if your doing 1680x1050.
  3. But if you still want i7, here goes...

    CPU + Graphics card

    Mobo + RAM

    HDD + OS - But the best option which everyone are doing is downloading the WIN 7 RC1...It is as good as the Vista or better...So you can save money on OS and when WIN 7 comes out get that...

    CPU Cooler -

    DVD -

    CASE -

    PSU -

    Total - $1273 With OS
    around $1193 Without OS...

    Any thing more than this config is a serious overkill for that resolution...
    Actually this config too is an overkill...Better off spending extra cash on higher resolution monitor...And even after upgrading your monitor, this setup can easily run that at full settings...
  4. If you want the best value PC for that resolution, then get the X3 720 setup with 2 4770s in crossfire powered by a Corsair 650TX...
  5. Thanks for all the help guys -- I think I'm set for now. :)
  6. Dayum...that was quick. Dude knows what he wants i guess ^_^
  7. Go gkay09.
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