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P5N-D; PC won't boot after BSOD

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October 26, 2009 11:09:32 PM

I have encountered a bit of a tricky problem that I can't seem to figure out. Not much of a hardware expert myself, here's hoping someone else might be able to help. After a recent hardware upgrade my computer has been running stable in both gaming and general browsing etc. However, today I got to face the dreaded bluescreen about 5 minutes into a game. As the computer attempted to reboot itself, it promptly refused to cooperate and delivered the following error message:

Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0
Copyright (c) 2000, Award Software, Inc.

BIOS ROM checksum error
Keyboard error or no keyboard present

Detecting IDE ATAPI device ...

Detecting floppy drive A media..
Drive A error...


This message pops up directly as I turn on the computer, so I do not get the option to enter BIOS or do anything else for that sake (beyond pressing Enter, which it won't let me do anyway since it doesn't seem to activate the keyboard).

My system specs are as follows:
- Intel Core2Duo E8500
- Gainward Geforce 8600GT
- 2x2GB Corsair Dominator 1066MHz PC8500 DDR2
- Running Windows 7 RC

I have flashed the BIOS to install the latest version from ASUS. I have also cleared the CMOS. I continued to replace the memory sticks with a single Corsair XMS2 2GB stick and swapping the hard disk with an older one I had lying around, since I figured the whole issue could perhaps be caused by the HDD being defective. None of these have helped; I still encounter the same error message and it won't go on from there. Finally I also attempted to replace the keyboard, just in case... No luck there.

Some internet searching told me the CMOS battery might need replacing, but I rather doubt this since the motherboard was new in June. Any suggestions/opinions as to the cause of my problem, or better yet, how I fix it?

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October 26, 2009 11:12:27 PM

I should add that inserting the system disk didn't really help.
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October 27, 2009 2:50:01 AM

It's been too long since I was in the industry but, bios rom checksum error often indicates data in bios doesn't match hardware on board. This could be wrong bios update or a failure of a component on the board which causes a mismatch with bios data. Even if the battery fails once you power up and set bios then reboot the settings should hold till you power down. Just the same if you have another battery it couldn't hurt to install it or just remove and see if you can enter bios and do anything. Run with minimum hardware installed, you say you flashed the bios so this must have been prior to the problems right?
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October 27, 2009 6:32:40 AM

You're probably right, roonj. Also, I flashed the BIOS about two days ago - the computer seemed to work fine after that through several reboots, until the crash. At one point after the crash it also asked for AWDFLASH.exe. I downloaded this from ASUS and burnt it on a CD together with the latest BIOS revision, then rebooted with the CD in the machine. It flashed the BIOS again.

I don't have another battery lying around, but I guess that should be easy enough to find so I might be able to try it later. What's the alternative, RMA the board?
October 27, 2009 7:40:30 AM

You should try another USB port for the keyboard?? If keyboard is inserted in front panel, make sure the front panel header is correctly seated on the MB :o 
October 27, 2009 1:52:30 PM

I did try different ports for the keyboard, both in the back and on the front panel (which I have made sure works and is properly connected).
October 27, 2009 7:58:34 PM

Replacing the CMOS battery didn't do anything to solve the problem. Attempting to get hold of a floppy drive to try and recover the BIOS.
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October 27, 2009 8:25:57 PM

Dieing motherboards will show this kind of issue

BTW cmos batteries are not a requirement to properly post, its just to hold your time/date and settings etc - if there are issues its not because of the battery. What your hearing is a myth.

Recovery mode from the bios usually requires legacy hardware - floppy, PS/2 keyboard etc and its best to recover with minimal hardware to interfere - just motherboard, 1 stick of ram, video card etc but even then that doesnt explain *WHY* it has issues in the first place.
October 28, 2009 9:17:00 PM

Found an old PS/2 keyboard and a floppy drive so that I could try to recover. That helped, computer is now up and running again. Thanks a lot for the helpful posts!