Which HD would be better for me?

I want an OS HD. Just have OS and applications and some games on it. All other data goes on data drives. I know a fast drive won't improve my gaming, just opening closing etc. And windows booting, instaling..etc. I also have enough data HDs that I will use in another partition.

10,000 rpm
16mb cache
sata 3.0 gb


7,200 rpm
64mb cache
sata 3.0 gb

It's basically 10k rpm +16cache vs 7200rpm+64cache.

Who wins for desktop/gaming PC...OS/Application drive?


I could also knock another $20 off if I went 7200 and 32mb cache.
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  1. The VelociRaptor is marginally faster than the other in all applications. Which is best for you? Depends on whether or not you want to spend the extra $20.
  2. Raptor is faster... so it depends how valuable your personal time is to you.

    How many hours do you spend on your pc or get frustrated waiting for split second...

    Add them all up... is it worth it to get the 10k velociraptor?

    For me it was... I have one and love it. I just replaced it with SSD.... but still use it for the my documents and music folders
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