Upgrading memory on Dell Inspirion - PLEASE HELP! URGENT!

I bought this the other day because I was told it is compatible to my laptop,

But today when I opened it up, my 512 mb memory in there read; "512 Mb 2Rx16 Pc2-5300S - 555"

Why is it not working?

I tried the new memory on it's own and a box keeps flashing (the one with a lock with a arrow pointing down)
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  1. Apparently the G. Skill is not compatible, wrong voltage requirement perhaps. Try entering your DELL model number in one of these to find RAM guaranteed to work in the system:




  2. + 1, just use something like Crucial's RAM finder, its pretty accurate actually.
  3. Okay, well I will do that but another question. Which side should be facing up?

    I know there is a little break or slit at the bottom but if the logo is on top it will not work. I know I am making no sense. But is it possible it FITS but will not work? or can I turn it backwards and will it work?
  4. The RAM only fits one way.
  5. What Dell laptop do you have? Is it the Inspiron 1525?
  6. yeah the RAM is only going in one way, can't go in th other.
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