Is it ok to move Hyper 212+ fan up a little bit?

If I were to move the fan up a little bit, will it be ok, temperature wise? I have my 955 OC'd to 3.8, and I don't want temp problems. I'm planning to get another set of ripjaws so I can have 8 gb of RAM, but that means I must put them into my 1st and 2nd slot, and I read that you have to move the fan up a little bit on the cooler.

Also, my hyper 212+ is faced so that the air blows out of the top, and if I were to get some more Ripjaws, I was planning to rotate the cooler so the air goes out of my back fan. Will the airflow be better that way?

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  1. Most manufacturers stipulate that the air blow towards the rear. Prolimatech reports a 2-3C temperature difference.
  2. water flow that well with the direction of cooling air spout,
    position should still be above the RAM fan and air flow facing the back of the case, because if you exchange the position of the hot air will spray the surface of the heatspreader of RAM and this will cause a hand to mouth that should not be necessary.
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    If you have a graphics card right below your CPU you might benefit from a front-to-back setup so that you're not just blowing the graphics card's hot air through your cooler.

    As for moving your fan up a bit on the cooler, you will lose the cooling effect of those fins near the bottom of the cooler which get the hottest. If you have a second fan on the cooler then I wouldn't worry about it.

    I know I had to move my fan on my 212+ up a bit to fit over my Ripjaws but I have two Scythe slipstream fans on the 212+ so I still get great temps on my 955
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  5. what temps are you getting on the phenom II x4 955 BE overclocked with a hyper 212 plus and what is the fan speed what you've set!!!!!!!!!
  6. @irfan88:

    Who are you addressing? Myself with my two Scythe Slipstream fans, I have the push one set to "Performance" profile in my BIOS settings and the pull dan is connected to a Scythe Kaze-Q fan controller that ranges from 5 V - 12 V. Normally I leave it at lowest setting for quiet operation and I get idle temps of 30 degrees Celsius and Load temps from Prime95 of about 51 degrees Celsius.
  7. Hey axipher,

    Actually I have bought myself a cooler master hyper 212 plus for my phenom II x4 955 BE. I have not overclocked the processor and have also turned off the cool and quiet because it shows a lower speed of 800 Mhz.

    I have set my fan profile to 40% and I am idling at 36 degrees to 42 degrees. I have set the installation perfectly thrice (no difference).

    Should I increase the fan speed to 50% or 60% or more or should I change the settings to performance mode. Please help me out with this.
  8. If your idle temps are 36-42, I wouldn't worry too much about that, it might be a little higher than mine because I have two hgh performance fans. What are your load temps?
  9. I ran prime 95 for 33 mins and the temps were around 51 degrees. is that good..

    and one more thing, I am running my fan speed at 40% now and 100% when it reaches 60 degrees. is that good or should I increase the fan speed from 40 to 50 or 60 percent.
  10. maybe try changing it to:

    40% @ 30 degrees
    100% at 50 degrees

    Try those numbers. Power on your system, close all programs except your temperature monitor (HWMonitor is my favourite) and leave it for 10 minutes to get an idle temp, then run Prime95 for 20 minutes to get a load temp.
  11. ok, I will get another couple of fans for the case (top and side). I will also get another cooler fan for the push/pull config. Currently I have set the fan speed to 40% at 20 to 30 degrees and 100% at 50 degrees (getting around 35 to 41 degrees idle now). is it good.
  12. Ya, I wouldn't worry about those idle temps, its the load temps that I want to know, your load temps shouldn't be going above 55
  13. ok, I have a cooler master elite 430 case. the link for the case is :

    please tell me the places where the intake fans and the exhaust fans to be placed.

    I am thinking of this setup now:

    2 fans for the CPU (push/pull setup. currently have one but will get another for it)

    1 intake - front
    1 intake - side
    1 exhaust - back
    2 exhaust - top (should purchase and then install it)
    1 bottom intake fan could not be installed because I have a non modular power supply and all the cables are set in the bottom (too many cables)

    so, totally 2 intakes and 3 exhausts. will that be good or the intake fans have to increase.
  14. That would be more than enough fans, I'm running an In-Win Griffin case and I have 2 front intake fans, and one back exhaust fan plus the top-mounted power supply as exhaust. The side of my case is a honeycomb pattern so I maintain a positive pressure in the case by having more intake fans than outake so the extra air just fows out the side of the case.
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