Problem using ASUS Easy doctor

I have a GTX 580 by Palit, and I am able to use NVidea precision, and MSI afterburner, but I cannot seem to run ASUS Easy doctor. I download th file and it is in a ZIP, then I
Open it, find the setup and it says, 1628:failed to complete installation. Is this because I do not have an ASUS graphics card?
The main reason I chose this program was to tweak voltage and break the 900 mark on my GTX 580.

Any recommendations?
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  1. You can use Afterburner to rise up the voltage too.
  2. Not on a GTX 580
  3. Did you enable the voltage control?
  4. I guess not, where would I find the "voltage control" switch? looking at the main interface, the voltage slider is not available.
  5. Start MSI Afterburner>Settings>General>Safety Properties>Unlock Voltage Control
  6. Wow, you were right, and it worked wonders....any recommended setting for voltage? Right now I have

    1.013 MV,
    905 Core clock
    1810 Shader clock
    2100 Memory clock

    With fan speed running at 81%, I can keep the temp down to 65C

    Testing using Kombustor
  7. I guess that you do a fan profile before star to overclock your GPU and also select the "start with Windows" if you want keep the GPU at decent temps all time.

    Try to get 1st the max overclock with stock voltage, after that we can try to find the correct and safe voltage for that GPU.
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