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My system's specs:
MoBo: P5n-e sli
CPU: intel core 2 duo e6600
GPU: evga 8800gts 320
PSU: 500w raidmax
Case: Raidmax Smilodon
Case cooling: stock rear 80mm, side 80mm, front 120mm
CPU Cooling: stock intel fan
RAM: corsair 2x1gb pc5400

i'm going to upgrade my RAM to 2x2gb pc26400 corsair xms2

What should i upgrade in order to overclock the cpu to 3-3.2 from a current 2.66?
What CPU cooling should i get? i was looking at the masscool 8wa741, but i don't know if that's what i need.
are there any recommended settings for an overclock with this setup? and how exactly would i go about doing this?

sorry, but i'm new to overclocking. I built the system 2 years ago with the intent of overclocking, just haven't gotten around to it yet.
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