Noooooooooooooooo0000000000oooOOOOOOOOOOOoo...... I was waiting for the first USB3.0 motherboards to come out next year and then I was going to finally upgrade from my 775!!! This would have been a TRUE 'next gen' motherboard with a 1366pin and SLI/Xfire! Man I am really upset. I hope MSI, ASUS, EVGA, XFX, FOXCONN, and Gigabyte make USB3.0 MBs and come out with them if Intel doesnt want to join the bandwagon then it doesnt matter, I just hope there wont be a dominoe affect with all the other MB and chip makers! Intel must have a good reason not to however and I guess they are working on their hexacore chips and will make LGA1366 even better, so maybe its worth waiting for LGA1366 2.0 with USB3.0?????????,8938.html#BOM_comments
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  1. Yes bad news,i was waiting for USB 3.0 motherboards to come out too and i may have upgraded my rig then :)
  2. Maziar said:
    Yes bad news,i was waiting for USB 3.0 motherboards to come out and then upgrade as well

    Yeah, well this doesnt mean we WONT get them in q1 or even q2 next year as it stated intel wont be joining the initial fray... however without intel I wonder how serious and how good quality wise MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, ect can make their motherboards. Intel has a great R&D and deals with silicon foundries directly so they can impliment solid USB3.0 builds with their own in house motherboards and further improve data transfer.... they are holding something back though and will get into the USB3.0 fray when they are 100% ready, which in my opinion maybe a good strategy and a safe one at that.... maybe we will see great USB3.0 speeds with their newer LGA1366 2.0's and their hexa core CPUs??
  3. Buy a cheap PCIe addon controller? No real reason to wait buying a PC for this..
  4. I know and i didn't mean i am going to get a new PC just for USB 3.0 :P,my PC is still fast for what i do so there is no need for me to upgrade now,USB 3.0 and 6GB/S SATA look promising and so if i want to get a new rig soon i think in that time USB 3.0 will be out :)
  5. Just because Intel is not going to support it yet does not mean that MB manufacturers will not find another way.
  6. I wonder if Intel has changed their mind since last year. We have already seen several motherboards, add on pci cards and other peripherals utilizing USB3.0. I wonder if there has been a" change in wind" for Intel.
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